War Movie Watchalong – Johnny Got His Gun – Sunday 23 September

The poll has decided and the movie we are going to watch and discuss is:

Johnny Got His Gun (1971 US)

It was quite close. Johnny Got His Gun received 5 votes, The Bomber – Ballada O Bombere was following with 4 and The Hurt Locker with 3 votes.

I think it’s a good choice and I’m looking forward to the discussion.

If you’d like to join and have a blog, please post on the same day, if you don’t have a blog, just watch the movie and join the discussion.

The discussion will take place on Sunday 23 September 2012

5 thoughts on “War Movie Watchalong – Johnny Got His Gun – Sunday 23 September

  1. Novroz says:

    ah…just like you have replied…it’s not hurt locker.

  2. Guy Savage says:

    Rocky week here which must explain how I missed the entire poll post etc. Hence didn’t vote.

  3. the war movie buff says:

    I’m in and I’m going to try to read the book also. Then I’m going to be so depressed, I’m going to drink heavily.

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