Movie Reviews A – Z


300 (US, 2006)
317th Platoon (FR, 1965)
633th Squadron (UK, 1964)
9th Company (RU, 2005)


A Bridge Too Far (US, 1977)
A Captain’s Honor (FR, 1982)
A Matter of Life and Death (UK, 1946)
A Midnight Clear (US, 1992)
A Soldier’s Story (US, 1984)
Aces High (UK, 1976)
Act of Valor (US, 2012)
Admiral (RU, 2008)
Age of Heroes (UK, 2011)
Agora (ES, 2009)
All Quiet on the Western Front (US, 1930)
All Quiet on the Western Front (US, 1979) [TV]
Amen (FR, 2002)

American Sniper (US 2014)
And a Nightingale Sang (UK, 1989) [TV]
Antwone Fisher (US, 2002)
ANZACS (AU, 1985) [TV]
Arn: The Knight Templar (SE, 2007)
Attack and Retreat (IT, 1964)
Attack on Leningrad (UK, 2009)

A Very Long Engagement (FR 2004)


Ballad of a Soldier (RU 1959)

Band of Brothers (US, 2001) [TV]
Bang Rajan (TH, 2000)
BAT-21 (US, 1988)
Battle for Haditha (UK, 2007)
Battle of Britain (UK, 1969)
Battleship Potemkin (RU, 1925)
Battlestar Galactica (US, 2003)
Beaufort (IL, 2007)
Before the Fall (DE, 2004)
Behind Enemy Lines (US, 2001)
Behind the Lines (UK, 1997)
Beneath Hill 60 (AU, 2010)
Birdsong (UK, 2012) [TV]
Birdsong (UK, 2012) [TV]
Birdy (US, 1984)

Black Book (NL 2006)
Black and White in Color (CI, 1976) (guest)
Bravo Two Zero (UK, 1999)
Breaker Morant (AU, 1980)
Breakfast on Pluto (IE, 2005)

Bridge of Spies (US 2015)


Candlelight in Algeria (UK, 1944)
Captain Conan (FR, 1996)

Carriage to Vienna (CZ 1966)
Casablanca (US, 1942)
Centurion (US, 2010)
Clash of the Titans (US, 2010)

Colditz (UK 2005) [TV]
Company K (US, 2004)
Courage Under Fire (US, 1996)
Cross of Iron (US, 1977)


Danger UXB (UK, 1979) [TV]
Darkness Fell on Gotenhafen (DE, 1960)

Das Boot (DE, 1985) [TV]
Defiance (US, 2008)
Dresden (DE, 2010)
Dunkirk (UK, 1958)


Edge of Tomorrow (US 2014)

Eichmann (UK, 2007)

El Alamein (IT 2002)

Empire of the Sun (US 1987)
Enemy at the Gates (US, 2001)
Europa Europa (DE, 1990)
Everyman’s War (US, 2009)


Female Agents (FR, 2008)
First Light (UK, 2010)

Flags of Our Fathers (US 2006)

Flame & Citron (DK, 2008)
Fortress of War (RU, 2010)

Frozen Silence (SP 2012)
Full Metal Jacket (US, 1987)

Fury (US 2014)


G.I. Jane (US, 1997)
Game of Thrones (US, 2011) [TV]
Gardens of Stone (US, 1987)

Generation War (DE 2013) [TV]
Germany Pale Mother (DE, 1980)
Gladiator (US, 2000)
Glory (US, 1989)
Goodnight Mister Tom (UK, 1988) [TV]
Goodnight Sweetheart (UK, 1993) [TV]
Grace is Gone (US, 2007)
Gran Torino (US, 2008)
Grand Illusion (FR, 1937)
Grave of the Fireflies (JP, 1988)
Green Zone (US, 2010)


Habermann (DE, 2010)

Hannah Arendt (DE, 2012)
Harry Brown (UK, 2009)
Hart’s War (US, 2002)
Heartbreak Ridge (US, 1986)
Heaven and Earth (US, 1993)
Henry of Navarre (DE, 2010)

Heroes (US 1977)

Hilde (DE 2009)
Hitler, the Rise of Evil (US, 2003) [TV]
Home of the Brave (US, 2006)
Homeland (US, 2011) [TV]
Hope and Glory (UK, 1987)
Housewife 49 (UK, 2006) [TV]


In Darkness (PL, DE, CA 2011)

In Harm’s Way (US, 1965)
In the Valley of Elah (US, 2007)
Incendies (CA, 2010)
Inglourious Basterds (US, 2009)
Innocent Voices (SV, 2004)
Intimate Enemies (FR, 2007)
Into the Fire (KR, 2010)
Iron Sky (EU, 2012)
Ironclad (US, 2010)

I Was Nineteen (DDR 1968)


Jacknife (US, 1989)
Jacob the Liar (US, 1999)
Je veux voir (FR, 2008)
John Rabe (DE, 2009)
Johnny Got His Gun (US, 1971)
Judgement at Nuremberg (US, 1961)


Katyn (PL, 2007)
Kingdom of Heaven (US, 2005)

Klemperer (DE 1999) [TV]
Kokoda (AU, 2006)


Land and Freedom (UK, 1995)

Land of Mine – Under Sandet (DK/GE 2015)
Life and Nothing But (FR, 1989)
Life is Beautiful (IT, 1997)
Lions for Lambs (US, 2007)

Lone Survivor (US 2013)
Lord of the Rings (US, 2001)

Lore (DE 2012)
Lucie Aubrac (FR, 1997)


Malena (IT, 2000)

Machine Gun Preacher (US 2011)

March of Millions (DE 2007) [TV]

Marine Raiders (US 1944)
Master and Commander (US, 2003)
Max Manus (NO, 2008)
Max Schmeling (DE, 2010)

Mephisto (DE 1981)
Merry Christmas (FR, 2005)
Michael Collins (IE, 1996)
Miracle at Sta Anna (US, 2008)
Mongol: The Rise of Genghis Khan (RU, 2007)
Music Box (US, 1989)
My Best Enemy (DE, 2011)
My Boy Jack (UK, 2007)


Night and Fog (FR, 1955)
No Man’s Land (BA, 2001)
North Face (DE, 2008)

Northmen – A Viking Saga ( Swiss/GE/SA 2014)

Notorious (US 1946)


Omagh (IE, 2004) [TV]
Overlord (UK, 1965)


Pack Up Your Troubles (US, 1932)
Passchendaele (CA, 2008)
Pathfinders (US, 2011)
Paths of Glory (US, 1957)
Patton (US, 1970)

Peaky Blinders (UK 2013) [TV]

Phantom (US 2013)

Platoon (US 1986)
Pork Chop Hill (US, 1959)


Reach for the Sky (UK 1956)

Red Tails (US, 2012)
Rescue Dawn (US, 2006)

Riphagen (Netherlands 2016)
Robin Hood (US, 2010)
Rome Open City (IT, 1945)
Route Irish (IE, 2010)
R-Point (KR, 2004)


Saints and Soldiers (US, 2003)
Saving Private Ryan (US, 1998)
Savior (US, 1998)

Saviors in the Night – Unter Bauern (GE 2009)

Senso (IT 1954) (guest)
Shame (SE, 1968)
Sharpe’s Rifle (UK, 1993) [TV]
Shooting Dogs (UK, 2005)
Silent Night (CA, 2002) [TV]
Since You Went Away (US, 1944)
Sink the Bismarck (UK, 1960)
Sisters of War (AU, 2010) [TV]
Soldier of Orange (NL, 1977)
Special Forces (FR, 2011)
Stalingrad (DE, 1958)
Stalingrad (DE, 1993)
Starship Troopers (US, 1997)
Stauffenberg (DE, 2004) [TV]
Stop-Loss (US, 2008)
Sunshine (EU, 1999)


Taking Sides (EU, 2001)
Tears of the Sun (US, 2003)

Testament of Youth (UK 2014)
The African Queen (US, 1951)
The Alamo (US, 1960)
The Army of Crime (FR, 2010)
The Baader Meinhof Complex (DE, 2008)
The Battle of Algiers (DZ, 1966)

The Best Years of Our Lives (US 1946)
The Big Parade (US, 1925) (guest)

The Bletchley Circle (UK 2012 – 2014) [TV]
The Blue Max (UK, 1996)
The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (US, 2008)

The Boys in Company C (US, 1978)

The Bridge (DE, 1959)

The Bridge on the River Kwaï (UK, 1957)
The Brylcreem Boys (UK, 1998)
The Children of Huang Shi (CN, 2008)
The Counterfeiters (AT, 2007)
The Cranes are Flying (US, 1957)
The Dam Busters (UK, 1955)

The Desert Fox (US 1951)
The Devil’s Whore (UK, 2008)
The Diary of Anne Frank (UK, 2009) [TV]
The Downfall (DE, 2004)
The Duellists (UK, 1977)
The Eagle (US, 2011)

The Eagle and the Hawk (US, 1933)
The English Patient (UK, 1996)
The Fallen (DE, 2004)
The Front Line (KR, 2011)
The Gathering Storm (US, 2002) [TV]
The Great Escape (US, 1963)

The Great Raid (US, 2005)
The Guns of Navarone (US, 1961)

The Haunted Airman (UK 2006)  [TV]
The Hunt for Red October (US, 1990)
The Hurt Locker (US, 2008)

The Imitation Game ( UK/US 2014)

The Killing – Season 2 (DK, SW, NO 2009) [TV]
The Killing Fields (US, 1984)
The Last Legion (US, 2007)
The Last Samurai (US, 2000)
The Lost Battalion (US, 1919) [TV]
The Man Who Cried (UK, 2000)
The Messenger (US, 2009)
The Monocled Mutineer (UK, 1986) [TV]
The Odd Angry Shot (AU, 1979)
The Officer’s Ward (FR, 1998)
The Ogre (DE, 1996)
The Pianist (FR, 2002)
The Poet (US, 2007)

There Be Dragons (SP, US 2011)
The Red Baron (DE, 2008)

The Round-Up (HG 1966)
The Round-Up (FR, 2010)
The Small Back Room (UK, 1949)
The Thin Red Line (US, 1998)
The Truce (IT, 1997)
The Tuskegee Airmen (US, 1995) [TV]

The Veteran (UK 2011)
The Way Back (US, 2010)
The Way to the Stars (UK, 1945)
The Wind that Shakes the Barley (IE, 2006)
The Winter War (FI, 1989)
They Were Expendable (US, 1945)

They Were Not Divided (UK, 1950)
Tigerland (US, 2000)
Tomorrow We Live (UK, 1943)
Triage (BA, 2009)
Triumph of the Spirit (US, 1989)
Tropic Thunder (US, 2008)

Turtles Can Fly (IR 2004)

Twelve O’Clock High (US 1949)
Two Men Went to War (UK, 2002)


U-571 (US, 2000)
Under Fire (US, 1983)
Under the Bombs (FR, 2007)
Uprising (US, 2001) [TV]

USS Indianapolis (US. 2016)


Valkyrie (US, 2008)


Waltz With Bashir (IL, 2008)
Waltz With Bashir (IL, 2008) (guest)
War Horse (US, 2011)
War Requiem (UK, 1989)
Warlords (CN, 2005)
Warriors (UK, 1999)
Waterloo (RU, 1970)
We Dive at Dawn (UK, 1943)
Welcome to Sarajevo (US, 1997)
When Trumpets Fade (US, 1998)
Where Eagles Dare (US, 1968)
Windtalkers (US, 2002)
Winter in Wartime (NL, 2008)

World War Z (US 2013)


Zero Dark Thirty (US 2012)

38 thoughts on “Movie Reviews A – Z

  1. Michelle says:

    I would love to read your review on Black Hawk Down, can’t get enough of it ..been watching since 2002 and still do it 🙂

  2. Rudra Mukherjee says:

    what about braveheart(1995) and schindlers list(1993)

  3. Rudra Mukherjee says:

    can u suggest me some movies on Finland – soviet war…. pls

  4. Rudra Mukherjee says:

    is there any good movies on Spanish Civil War…..pls suggest some name….

  5. Jim Snyder says:

    Have you heard of a movie where there is a scene that an officer saves the lives of Jewish POWs by having all the POWs stand forward?

  6. Zander says:

    What about Paradise Road?

  7. Tony says:

    There have been many movies starring John Mills, but trying to find certain films starring this fine actor is very hard to come by. Whether the films that l want were propaganda l do not know, but there are a certain number that l cannot find for my collection. The one film is where a baby was taken aboard a battleship, the other was also a war film where John Mills was in charge of an underwater demolition team setting limpet mines. I was hoping that someone might be able to help me with my quest.

    • When you enter John MIll’s name in the ssearch function of my blog – a few movies come up. I think one you’re looking for as well.
      I got them in war themed DVD cases British War Movies in the UK.

      • Tony jones. says:

        Sounds interesting, how do l get to your blog and once there the problem of the film title.

        Anthony R Jones

      • I’m a bit confused. You are on my blog. Just enter Mill’s name in the search function.

      • Tony jones. says:

        Sorry, l’m not used to blogs, l don’t even use Facebook or twitter or any of the others, so this is really quite new to me.

        Anthony R Jones

      • OK, that’s why. I didn’t realize. I hope you found te search function under the AD Free banner where it says “Looking for Something?”.

      • Tony jones. says:

        No not yet, had some business to take care of first, will look a little later on. There are so many strange things on the www if l don’t understand them then l stay clear of them. Surfing, email and txt, that’s more than enough for me to bother about. I have heard so many talk about blog and it’s something l know nothing about, l just carry on in my own little world.

        Anthony R Jones

      • I don’t think you miss much,

      • Tony jones. says:

        I try and listen out for any John Mills films.

        Anthony R Jones

      • Tony jones. says:

        I often wonder should l try this twitter, but no l don’t bother. I do believe that many like Facebook though that l can only say is email gone to the extreme, maybe more use Facebook than the email. But for me well l am more than happy with email.

        I found another John Mills film Baby and the Battleship. But still nothing on the other film l seek, l wonder if l will ever find or see this film again , l can while l remember it mention the star that played the Admiral on the Flagship, James Robertson Justice.

        Anthony R Jones

      • Tony jones. says:

        Getting back to what you said: l don’t think you miss much. My late father served in the Royal Navy, Submarine service during WWII, so l like to collect as many films about the war and especially films about the Navy, whether it be surface or below surface. So l try hard not to miss much in case l miss something l need. I also have an interest in WW2 aircraft and tanks, but mainly German.

        Anthony R Jones

      • I meant – you dodn’t miss much when you don’t use social media.
        I get your interest in war movies, especially when it’s linked to family history. I’m sure your father had things to tell.
        I’ve done a few posts on air combat.
        I’ll be looking for that other sub movie with John Mills. I’m sure I’ll find it eventually.

      • Tony jones. says:

        My father had some great tales to tell, one included the Prinz Eigen l found that the best of the lot. The other movie, l have thought a little bit about that and all l can come up with is that the demo team travelled to their targets by X-craft but l could be thinking of another film, l think that the team were land based , but there was another film based in Gibraltar…l think, but was not a JM film. May l ask where you are based please? Myself, l was born in Weymouth in 1950, moved to Gloucestershire in 1952, and have been trying to get back home in Dorset. Born on a hill that has a nickname, Boot hill, and l grew up being interested in cowboy films. Just a little about myself.


        Anthony R Jones

      • I’m sure he had tales to tell. Thank you for telling me about yourself. I’m actually French but live in Switzerland, planning to move to the UK. We have a house in Cambridgeshire but we’d like to move to Dorset or Cornwall.
        My dad had a lot of tales to tell about Algeria. He served there. He was a small kid when the Germans occupied France but he remembers very clearly.

      • Tony jones. says:

        Thankyou for telling me something about you and yours Caroline, l always find it interesting to know about others. Dorset and Cornwall are both beautiful counties, and l would be failing if l didn’t at least praise the county of Dorset up to anyone wishing to move there, of course each county has something more than the other, so it is necessary to go to each before making your mind up.

        For instance, if you love surfing (sea not internet 😊) then Cornwall could be the place to go, that’s not to say that Dorset wouldn’t be better, there are some really good waves to be had along the Dorset coastline and some very safe bays as well. I can’t tell you anything about Cornwall as l have never been there yet.

        I have just retired, on my birthday in fact the 5th December. I worked as a security officer for five years, so to be retired l am 65.

        I know nothing about Cambridgeshire so l can’t help there.

        But l am sure that anywhere you settle will be good….Dorset most certainly!

        I have never been to Switzerland, been to The Ukraine (Crimea) and to Barcelona, l loved both places.

        Europe during Nazi occupation must have been terrible for many people.

        If l were to ask for your telephone number, what would your answer be?

        I like phoning people in different countries, l call many in America as that is where most of my friends live.

        I must apologize l think, l tend to get a bit to personal, so my apologies Carolina.

        Have you heard of the film: I Want The Sea. ? I believe that is a JM film as well.

        2:20am l should be trying to get some more sleep, it is going to be hard trying to get back to normal again after working nights for 5 years.

        When l should be sleeping l was working, and of course vice versa, so now l am awake when l should be sleeping.

        Well good night Carolina, have a pleasant and happy day.


        Anthony R Jones

      • Hi Tony,

        Well … the comment section of a blog isn’t an ideal place for this type of comment. That’s why I have added my email address on the front which is allaboutwarmovies at gmail dot com.
        Not becaue it’s not appropriate but just because it’s off topic and not interesting for my readers. I like to keep it quite organized. I hope you won’t mind, but I’ll be deleting this comment and yours once you’ve seen my answer. OK?
        If you feel like it – send me an email. Have a great day too. Caroline

      • Anthony R Jones says:

        Just had a look at the A-Z, it’s very good, but not knowing the film title makes it a little difficult to find the right John Mills WW2 navy demo-team film. I can remember certain bits of the film, like when he is aboard the flagship and is waiting for a dummy limpet mine to go off.

      • Tony jones. says:

        I have Dive at dawn and Morning departure, but its that other one that interest’s me the most at present, just wish l knew the name

        Anthony R Jones

  8. karl zimmerman says:

    Have you done a review on We Were Soldiers? Can’t find herein….Thanks.

  9. Anthony R Jones. says:

    Caroline hi, I feel such a fool for not taking your word on the film that l was looking for, you were right of course it was: Above Us The Waves, how do l know this now, it was shown on UK Tv the other week, l am also glad that l was alone at the time so no one could see my shame, l honestly thought it was a different film. I don’t know if l should attempt this again…but there is another Royal Navy film, l have no idea of it’s name but l do remember one part of the film where Sid James was delivering a message and cycled into the harbour…on purpose! Any suggestions please? This time l WILL take your word for it.
    You may be wondering why l have such an interest in Royal Navy films, the reason being my father was in the Submarine service and with the film Morning Departure, l look for areas that seem familiar to me. In the Morning Departure, the Isle of Portland and the dockyard was shown plus the mention of my home town of Weymouth was mentioned, l look and listen very hard for these things and hoping that in one of these films a glimpse of my father may be seen. He joined up at Portland at the start of the war.
    Anthony R Jones.

    • Hi Anthony, I’m very glad it was the movie after all. I really couldn’t think of another one. This one is trickier. I have to do some digging. I might have seen it. I’ll let you know.
      It would be great if your dad really was in one of them.

      • Anthony R Jones. says:

        Caroline hi, sorry for the delay in replying to you. Yes, it would be great to just see a glimpse of him on a ‘sub’.
        That other movie l mentioned, l got the clip wrong, what l should have said was: Sid James was given a message to deliver, and he was told to take his time in delivering it, and he got off the cycle, put the message/letter in his mouth, picked up the cycle, threw it in the water alongside a ship and then jumped in after it and once in the water called out for help. The officer to whom the letter was for was not amused.
        I am interested in all movies about British submarines of the 2WW, and dare l say in German U-boats as well.
        My father was a member of Soca, Submarine Old Comrades Association
        and because of that l had the chance of going aboard a sub in Portsmouth, something l will never forget!

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