War Romances: A Very Long List

I’m amazed about the length of this list and even more so as I know exactly I have certainly forgotten quite a lot. It seems as if the combination of love and war was extremely well liked. Some of the movies I have included are somewhat more on the war side, like Enemy at the Gates, others are much more romantic. I was also surprised to see that I have seen a lot of them. And also liked quite a a few. Some of my favourites are Admiral, The Man Who Cried, Gloomy SundayKing Arthur, Aimée and Jaguar and The Cranes are Flying. Others like House of Fools sound interesting but I haven’t seen them. What struck me was how often the main theme is about two men falling for the same woman. Amazing. As if war wasn’t complicated enough.

A Farewell to Arms (US 1932) Gary Cooper and Helen Hayes. Affair between an English nurse and American soldier during World War I.

Dark Journey(UK 1937) Conradt Veidt and Vivien Leigh. Spies of from opposing sides fall in love.
Gone with the Wind (US 1939) US Civil War. Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh in the movie based on Margaret Mitchell’s novel.

A Yank in the RAF (US 1941) Tyrone Power and Betty Grable. Americans serving in the British forces meet and rekindle an old flame.

Casablanca (US 1942) WWII, Morocco. Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in one of the greatest classics of cinema history. (See my review)

For Whom the Bell Tolls (US 1943) Gary Cooper and Ingrid Bergman in a movie based on Hemingway’s novel of the Spanish Civil War.

Crash Dive (US 1943) Starring Tyrone Power, Anne Baxter and Dana Andrews. A submarine lieutenant and his commander fall in love with the same woman.

The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (UK 1943) Roger Livesey and Deborak Kerr. British soldier falls in love with various incarnations of the same woman.

To Have and Have Not (US 1944) Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart in a WWII drama about an American expat and a French resistance fighter. Set on Martinique.

I’ll Be Seeing You (US 1944) Ginger Rogers, Jospeh Cotten and Shirley Temple. Soldier falls in love with a girl he meets in a train

I Live in Grosvenor Square (UK 1945) British aristocrat falls in love with American airman

Piccadilly Incident (UK 1946) WWII. War separates husband and wife with tragic consequences.

A Matter of Life and Death (UK 1946) David Niven and Kim Hunter. Pilot falls in love with radio operator.

From Here to Eternity (US 1953) WWII, Pearl Harbor. Love and drama before the Japanese attack of Pearl Harbor. Great actors (Burt Lancaster, Montgomery Clift, Donna Reed, Deborah Kerr, Frank Sinatra), great story.

Battle Cry (US 1955) Love and drama among a group of young Marines.

The End of the Affair (UK 1955) Deborah Kerr, Van Johnson, John Mills in the movie based on Graham Greene’s novel about a novelist who falls in love with a married woman during WWII. There is a later version of the same movie, see below.

A Town Like Alice (UK 1956) Peter Finch and Virginia McKenna starring in a WWII romance set in Asia. A British woman, POW of the Japanese, falls in love with an Australian soldier.

D-Day, The Sixth of June  (US 1956). On their way to the Normandy a US and a British officer remember their love for the same woman.

A Farewell to Arms (US 1957) Rock Hudson and Jennifer Jones in a movie based on Hemingway’s novel. It tells the story of an affair between an English nurse an American soldier on the Italian front during World War I.

Sayonara (US 1957) Marlon Brando as US air force major who falls in love with a Japanese performer. Based on a novel by James Michener

The Cranes are Flying (Russia 1957) WWII. Extremely moving film about a young woman who waits for her lover to return from the war. (See my review)

South Pacific (US 1958) WWII, South Pacific. A young American nurse and a Frenchman who might be an agent fall in love.

A Time to Love and a Time to Die (US 1958) WWII. Russian front. German soldier on leave falls in love.

Ballad of a Soldier (Russia 1959) A Russian masterpiece. A young soldier falls in love with a girl on a train. (See my review)

Hiroshima Mon Amour (France 1959)  WWII, Japan. A love story between a French woman and a Japanese man after the war. The woman lived a romance with a German soldier during the war. (See my review)

Doctor Zhivago (US/Italy 1965) Omar Sharif and Julie Christie starring in a war romance set during the Bolshevik Revolution. Based on the novel by Boris Pasternak.

In Harm’s Way (US 1965) A classic John Wayne movie. WWII, Pacific. A naval officer falls in love with a nurse (Patricia Neal). A story of second chances. (Here is my review).

Closely Watched Trains (Czechoslovakia 1966) WWII. Set in occupied Czechoslovakia. A young man working for the railway company falls in love for the first time. Based on Bohumil Hrabal’s novel.

Landscape After Battle (Poland 1970) Poland after WWII and the liberation of the concentration camps. A young poet falls in love with a Jewish girl.

Summmer of my German Soldier (US 1978, TV) WWII, US home front. An American girls falls in love with a German POW.

Yanks (US 1979) WWII. British woman falls in love with an American soldier while her husband is at war. Richard Gere, Vanessa Redgrave and others.

Hanover Street (UK 1979) Margaret is a nurse in England during WWII and married to a secret agent. Things get complicated when she falls for David, an American pilot. Starring Harrison Ford, Christopher Plummer and Lesley-Ann Down.

We’ll Meet Again (UK 1982 TV mini-series) WWII, Britain. American bomber pilots in the UK.

Winds of War (US 1983, TV mini-series) Robert Mitchum and Ali McGraw. WWII, America, until the attack of Pearl Harbor.

A Year of the Quiet Sun (Poland/Germany/US 1984) A US soldier in Europe falls in love with a Polish refugee after the war.

An Indecent Obsession (Australia 1985) Nurse falls in love with psychiatric patient.

Top Gun (US 1986) Not set during a real war. Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis star in this movie about a young fighter pilot who falls in love with a female instructor. Macho bravado and romance.

And a Nightingale Sang (UK 1989, TV) Starring Joan Plowright. One family’s struggle to survive during the Blitz. Funny and touching. (See my review)

The Last of the Mohicans (US 1992) Daniel Day-Lewis and Madeleine Stowe in an epic of the war between British and French colonialists and Indians.

1942: A Love Story (India 1993) Bollywood drama  starring Anil Kapoor. A young Indian couple, both from wealthy backgrounds, find themselves caught up in the 1940’s Indian revolutionary movement against their families who are under the thumb of a sadistic British general.

Braveheart (US 1995) 13th Century Scotland. The fight against the British rule. Some love this epic, some hate it, still it’s impressive for many reasons. Starring Mel Gibson and Sophie Marceau.

The English Patient (US/UK 1996) WWII, North Africa and Italy. Two interwoven love stories. The first is the tragic story of a married woman falling for a Hungarian count. The second tells the love between a nurse and a soldier from a bomb disposal unit. With Kirstin Scott Thomas, Juliette Binoche, Ralph Fiennes, Colin Firth and Willem Dafoe. (See my review)

In Love and War (US 1996) WWI, Italy. the story of the love between Ernest Hemingway and the nurse Agnes von Kurowsky starring Chris O’Donnell and Sandra Bullock.

Aimée and Jaguar (Germany 1999) WWII, Germany. Holocaust. Two women fall in love in Berlin during the war. One of them is Jewish and in the Resistance.

The End of the Affair (UK/US 1999) Julianne Moore and Ralph Fiennes in the movie based on Graham Greene’s novel. A novelist falls in love with a married woman during WWII in London. She leaves him without an explanation. Two years later he has her followed to try to find out why she left him.

Gloomy Sunday (Germany/Hungary 1999) Set in WWII Budapest. Starring Joachim Król and Ben Becker. This is such a beautiful movie. Another love triangle. A young woman loves a Jewish restaurant owner. One day he hires a young pianist. She falls in love with the young man but still loves the older one. They save the life of a German man who also falls in love with the woman. When WWII breaks out the German comes back. He has turned into a Nazi officer who loves to abuse his power. Gloomy Sunday tells  also the story of the famous Hungarian song Gloomy Sunday that is said to have caused more suicides than any other song ever.

The Man Who Cried (UK/France 2000) Starring Johnny Depp, Cate Blanchett, John Turturro, Christina Ricci. A Russian Jew falls in  love with a gypsy during WWII in Paris. She befriends another Russian who helps her find work in a theater. For lovers of sumptuous movies and opera.

Dark Blue World (Czech Republic/UK/Germany/Denmark/Italy 2001) Czeck fighter pilots in England in WWII. Two pilots, a very young one and an older one fall in love with the same woman.

Captain Corelli’s Mandolin ( UK/US/France 2001) WWII, Italian troops in occupied Greece. Based on Luis de Bernières eponymous novel, starring Penélope Cruz and Nicolas Cage. An Italian commander falls in love with a Greek girl whose fiancée is fighting in the war as well.

Enigma (UK/US/Germany/Netherlands 2001) Dougray Scott, Kate Winslett and Jeremy Northam starring in this WWII drama about a young heartbroken man trying to break the Enigma code.

Pearl Harbor (US 2001) Real blockbuster cinema.  WWII. Pearl Harbor. Two young bomber pilots are in love with the same young woman, a nurse. Slick, good-looking movie with equally good-looking actors (Kate Beckinsale, Josh Hartnett, Ben Affleck).

Enemy at the Gates (US/UK/Germany/Ireland 2001) Showdown of two snipers in Stalingrad. The Russian sniper is a local war hero and in love with a Jewish woman who is in the resistance. Jude Law, Joseph Fiennes, Rachel Weisz and Ed Harris in a beautifully shot war drama. (See my review)

House of Fools (Russia/France 2002) A war movie that is no war movie. Set in a mental institution during the Chechen war.

Charlotte Gray (UK/Australia/Germany 2002) Cate Blanchett in a movie based on Sebastian Faulk’s novel. She plays a Scottish nurse who joins the French Resistance looking for her boyfriend, a RAF pilot who got lost in France.

Yossi and Jagger (Israel 2002) Love between two Israeli soldiers stationed on the Lebanese border.

Resistance (US/Netherlands 2003) Starring Bill Paxton and Julia Ormond. WWII, occupied Belgium. A reconnaissance plane crashes. The pilot, Ted, is brought to Claire and Henry Daussois who are in the Maquis Resistance. Ted and Claire fall in love.

Cold Mountain (US 2003), Renée Zellweger, Jude Law and Nicole Kidman in a story of the American Civil War.

Head in the Clouds (UK/Canada 2004) Starring Charlize Theron, Penélope Cruz, Stuart Townsend,Thomas Kretschmann. A romantic drama set in 1930’s England, Paris, and Spain. Three people share an apartment in Paris, one lives a hedonistic life, the others want to join the fight against fascism.

Island at War (UK 2004, TV mini-series) WWII. The channel islands during German occupation. After the island is invaded by German forces, life changes drastically. The series focuses on three families.

A Very Long Engagement (France/US 2004) Audrey Tautou in a movie about a woman whose husband doesn’t return from the battlefields of WWI and sets out to look for him.

King Arthur (US/UK/Ireland 2004) An epic adventure of war and romance starring Clive Owen, Keira Knigthley, Mads Mikkelsen, Ray Winstone and Ioan Gruffud. The re-telling of the story of King Arthur and his Knights.

The Christmas Card (US 2006, TV) A US soldier visits a town from where a Christmas card has been sent to him during his tour in Afghanistan.

The Poet (Canada 2007) A Rabbi’s daughter and a German soldier fall in love in Poland in WWII. Starring Nina Dobrev and Daryl Hannah. (See my review)

Closing the Ring (UK/Canada/US 2007) Christopher Plummer, Shirley MacLaine and Mischa Barton in a love story that plays then – during WWII – and now. A woman between two men. One is a pilot and gets lost after crash landing in Ireland during WWII. In today’s Ireland a young man finds the wedding ring and brings it to the woman living in the US. Set in Ireland and the US.

Admiral (Russia 2008) Russian revolution. A real heartbreaker. The true story of Admiral Kolchak and his lover. (Here is my review)

Dear John (US 2010) Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried in a weepy romance about a young Marine who falls in love prior to 9/11. When he leaves for Iraq their love is tested.

What about you, have you seen many of these movies? Did you like them? Have I forgotten one you would like to recommend?


144 thoughts on “War Romances: A Very Long List

  1. Crooked Mick says:

    A Farewell to Arms 1932
    Affair between an English nurse and American soldier during World War I

    Dark Journey 1937
    Spies of from opposing sides fall in love

    A Yank in the RAF 1941
    Americans serving in the British forces meet and rekindle an old flame.

    The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp 1943
    British soldier falls in love with various incarnations of the same woman

    I’ll Be Seeing You 1944
    Soldier falls in love with a girl he meets in a train

    I Live in Grosvenor Square 1945
    British aristocrat falls in love with American airman

    Piccadilly Incident 1946
    War separates husband and wife with tragic consequences

    A Matter of Life and Death 1946
    Pilot falls in love with radio operator

    A Time to Love and a Time to Die 1958
    German soldier on leave falls in love

    An Indecent Obsession 1985
    Nurse falls in love with patient

    • Fantastic, thanks a lot. I have even seen quite a few. I’m a huge fan of the Archers and Colonel Blimp is one of my favourite movies.
      I will add them as soon as I get a chance.

    • Will says:

      Here’s a synopsis I was provided and have yet to locate the matching movie. All searches thus far have pointed me to “The Enchanted Cottage” but I am assured this is not the title.

      The movie is allegedly about a man who was bound to marry, but had to go and fight in war. While fighting, he was blinded and returns home without telling his wife because he fears she will no longer love him. At some point, his fiancee discovers his return and goes to find him and presumably ends with them getting back together.

      Any idea?

      • It sounds like the book “My Dear, I wanted to tell you”by Louisa Young but I checked- it wasn’t made into a movie. Not yet. I wonder which movie. I’ll be digging some more.

      • classicmovielover says:

        It isn’t enchanted cottage although that one does have a wounded soldier returning in it. Try “Dark Angel” 1935

  2. warmoviebuff says:

    Here are some I have seen (I am not a big fan of war romances; surprise!)
    The ML is mushy level (how cringeworthy the romance is) and the O is for overall quality.

    Casablanca – ML = 7 O = 10
    From Here – ML = 7 O = 6
    Cranes – ML = 5 O = 8
    Hiroshima – ML = 9 O = 6
    Ballad – ML = 8 O = 8
    Harm’s – ML = 5 O = 5
    Hanover – ML = 9 O = 4
    Mohicans – ML = 7 O = 10
    Braveheart – ML = 6 O = 4
    Patient – ML = 9 O = 6
    Corelli – ML = 9 O = 5
    Pearl – ML = 8 O = 5
    Enemy – ML = 4 O = 9
    Cold – ML = 6 O = 8

    Yanks – three Americans hook up with three Brits during WWII with a variety of results; ML = 9 O = 6

    Black Book – woman joins the Resistance and seduces a Nazi officer; ML – 7 OL = 8

    El Cid – legendary Spanish hero (Charleston Heston) fights the Moors and woos Sophia Loren; ML = 7 O = 8

    Black Hawk Down – male bonding while slaughtering Somalis; ML = 10
    O = 10

    • Thanks for your input! I can’t say I think Black Book is a romance and Black Hawk Down? Lol.
      I know it isn’t your favourite genre but they are still worth mentioning. I think there are a lot of movies I liked on the list. I tried to leave out those that looked too much like B-movies.

      • warmoviebuff says:

        I was hoping to limit my war chick flicks list that I am watching with Rachelle. I thought I was one third of the way through. Thanks a lot! Curse your romance list, Caroline. The fact that it is great makes it even more evil.

      • I’m sooo sorry. I’m sure there is more than one that will be quite alright to watch.

  3. Novroz says:

    I have done my count and surprisingly I have only seen 6 of them in the list

    • I have seen 29! This means that I either watch a lot of movies or went through a major romance phase… And I just realized I forgot my favourite one. I watched it three times. Will have to add it right away (Gloomy Sunday).

  4. warmoviebuff says:

    I have seen 20. That is embarassing! I will blame Rachelle for it. My favorite on the list is “Last of the Mohicans”. The perfect movie. Romance, suspense, action, violence, acting, historical accuracy. I’ll put up with mushiness if I get the other five.

  5. Linda says:

    Hello, thank you for this list of movies, I like so much love stories from the world war II. I can also recommend a Czechoslovak movie Kočár do Vídně – Couch to Vienna – from 1966.

    • You should find a few really good ones on the list. Closing the Ring, is really nice but there are many more. Thanks for the recommendation, I hope I can find it.

      • Kou Hawj says:

        Hi, I need help finding a ww II movie, it has something to do with the Holocaust, might be true. It’s about a painting, the family lost it during ww II and after the war it reappears and they were united with some family members. And then either they came to the US or something. My wife and I watched parts of it about 10 years ago and would like to watch it again if we can find it. It’s very inspiring movie. Thanks

      • It rings a bell but such a faint one. Unless someone else can help, I wouldn’t know.
        I’ll think about it some more, maybe I’ll remember.

    • nem baj says:

      Coach to Vienna is a very good film, surely ‘about’ war, and love – but I wouldn’t label it as romance. It’s tragic from the beginning till the end.

  6. Stillwell says:

    And what about Sophie´s Choice, or another Czech movie Lidice. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1754123/

  7. Stillwell says:

    You can watch Coach to Vienna in youtube without subtitles but I think words are not so important in this movie…The woman also doesn´t understand what the soldier says.

  8. Stillwell says:

    Adelheid – Czechoslovak movie 1970

    • This looks very interesting too. Thanks a lot.

    • nem baj says:

      Among Czech films, there’s also Zelary. With a classic starting point (two people who would never have met otherwise are brought together by war) also developed the same year in France by André Téchiné in Strayed (Les égarés).

      • Why are you pink all of a sudden? – Ah wrong e-mail. – Never mind.
        That sounds interesting too, thanks. Weird, I have a feeling, I’ve read a novel with the title Zelary.

      • nem baj says:

        A novel, or a collection of short stories by Kveta Legátová? The latter are part of the base material for the movie.

        PS: Sorry, wordpress.com seem to think they have some sort of a monopoly over the use of my email address at the moment. Won’t last I hope.

      • Yes, that’s the author. I couldn’t get to the book yesterday, it’s high up on a shelf.
        I can change the address for you… I just did. Now you’re green again? Does it not work when you do it?

      • nem baj says:

        So that’s the book indeed, along with the novella Joe’s Hannah.

        Never mind the email stuff. I briefly tested wordpress.com a few days ago, using my usual email. So now, whenever I post a comment here it absolutely wants me to log in with a WP account… that cannot be deleted even though I don’t intend to use it.

        The only thing I could do to have WP ‘forget’ the original address was to change emails in that immortal account, but it appears it takes a while for the database to forget about the original one… so I’m using a fake one here for the time being.

        Somebody at WP must be a fan of Kafka. I just wish they would express their admiration otherwise. 🙂

      • They changed the e-mail policy last year and it was quite funny, people had to open new e-mail accounts or were suddenly displayed with weird “secret” gravatars. It has calmed down now for most.
        I can leave you in pink. It takes some getting used to. For me that is. I just remembered that I had deactivated the gravatar’s on this site.I thought my two black cats which I use on the book blog aren’t exactly fitting this blog. 🙂

  9. […] comment by Stillwell on my post War Romances: A Very Long List led me to the Czech movie Carriage  to Vienna  aka Coach to Vienna – Kočár do Vídně. […]

  10. Agnieszka says:

    I am dying to find a war romance movie I’ve seen a few years ago but the problem is I can’t recall the title or anything, maybe someone could help me with this? 🙂 It was probably a German production… I think it was about last days of WWII. Soviet troops were stationing in a beautiful residence somewhere in Germany, destroying the house and taking everything that belonged to the women who lived there. At some point some young Russian officer (or something) fell in love with a girl living in this house and he started to protect her against his fellow soliders. I might be wrong, but his name was Misha, he had dark eyes and black hair. The romance between them started to bloom, but then he had to leave. There was a scene where he returned to this house, after a couple of years, but the girl was already married (and had a child…?). They met at night, under a tree, probably they kissed. I can’t remember anything else, but after so many years I can’t forget about this movie. If there’s anyone who knows the title, please, pleaaaase let me know! :)) Cheers!

  11. Agnieszka says:

    I finally watched Das Bernsteinamulett yesterday. I really liked it but I guess I can’t review it objectively, it’s always like this with movies I saw in my childhood. Sadly the only version I found on the web was missing half an hour of the film, including the scene under the tree. Hopefully I will find a full version someday. Where did you watch Das Bernsteinamulett?
    And again, thanks for your help. Your knowledge about war movies is just amazing :).

    • Too bad it was a shorter version. I actually did see it on German TV a while ago. I’d like to watch it again some day too.
      I was glad i could help. It’s not always possible but when it is it’s nice. 🙂

  12. can anyone tell me about a commander in military at first hated his soldier and always angry at her but then he fell in love with her at the end??? please tell me the title 🙂

  13. Stillwell says:

    In September 2013 new Czech-Slovak-Holland movie goes to cinema. It´s name is Colette and it is a war romantic drama from concentration camp in Auschwitz.

  14. nem baj says:

    I do share your taste for Gloomy Sunday, which I watched yesterday. Such a story could easily have lead to a catastrophic result, but on the contrary it’s quite an achievement.

    • I have a post on it half way ready. I watched it more than once but I was reluctant to write about it as it is another one that is not available I in English or is it meanwhile?
      It’s one of my two or three favourite war romances. I’m a huge fan of both Joachim Król and Ben Becker.

      • nem baj says:

        Two English-subtitled DVDs are available + Netflix. Yes they’re both very good in this film. Król has some problems pronouncing the (few) Hungarian words, but I won’t hold that against him. 🙂

      • That’s kind of you. 🙂
        Good to know it’s available subtitled. It’s a reason to rewatch and finally review it.

  15. nem baj says:

    Alexei Uchitel’s The Edge is, well, at the edge of war romances. In the immediate post-war Russia, a dysfunctional & decorated veteran and former locomotive driver is affected to an ‘open’ Gulag camp in Siberia (the taïga being a natural fence but it’s some kind of a paradise, since the deportees seem to eat regularly and to be seldom beaten). There, he meets the daughter of a German railroad engineer who has been hiding in the forest since the beginning of Operation Barbarossa.

    In spite of the gloomy setting it’s very well acted & directed, cheerful and quite funny. Not perfect, but thoroughly enjoyable.

  16. wynter says:

    I’m trying to find a movie that I saw a very long time ago. Its set in WW2. I can only remember parts of it. The female was a spy and I think she was a singer at a cabaret. She romanced and later married the German officer she was spying on although she was in love with a fellow (or perhaps her superior)) spy. At one point he parachuted from a plane and was hiding in a shed at the couples home. Her husband knew he was there and basically told her to choose between them. She chose her husband.

  17. wynter says:

    I checked out the ones you all suggested. No luck. I think it was black and white… but not positive. English speaking….but not sure if it was American or British. The German officer she married was becoming very disallusioned with Nazism toward the end and really loved the heroine although I believe he knew she was a spy. In the end they choose each other and ride off together in a black car away from their other loyalties.

  18. Stillwell says:

    Hello, i watched another war romance, its name is Franz + Polina
    it is about relation between german soldier and belarussian girl.

  19. Stillwell says:

    Did you hear about the book “The Bronze Horseman” from Paullina Simons? I heard she writes a screenplay by her novel. I read that book – it will be a romance of all times on the screen 🙂

  20. Zander William says:

    So I just finished watching Pearl Harbour and I loved that movie. What would be nthe next best movie to watch thats like it. Prefferably WW2 and mainly modern. Thanks

    • I could think of several movies you might like and which are all modern and based on WWII.
      Captain Corelli’s Mandolin
      Closing the Ring
      The Poet
      Enemy at the Gates and another
      movie about fighter pilots – Dark Blue World.
      Enemy at the Gates has also romnace elemenst and is by far one of the best war movies ever made.
      Dark Blue World is a Czech movie but very accessible.
      I hope you’ll find something you will like.
      It’s not easy to find another war romance which is as good as Pearl Harbour. I love From Here to Eternity but it’s an old movie.

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  29. Red says:

    I am trying to find a movie about a girl engaged to a service man in ww2 ,he jilts her and. She becomes wealthy, and hires him as a private pilot later on to get back to him. The title has the name midnight in it

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  31. Leah says:

    Hi, I have been trying to find a movie that I watched online late last year. I completely forgot what it was called and have been searching for it but have had no luck. Hopefully you could help. Its about a man who is a pilot and lives with his father and wife or fiance, he goes away to war and the woman gets a letter saying he was missing. She gets notice that he has been seen and goes searching for him, only to find he has no idea who she is. She stays and becomes a waitress and tries to make him remember her. Some of this may not be how it goes but its what i can faintly remember 😛

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  35. Great list! You should add:
    Suite Francaise,
    the silence of the sea, (foreign)
    In Tranzit

    • Thanks for your comment. You’re right. I missed those. I’m not sure I would call Lore a war romance though?
      Dresden definitely qualifies. So does Atonement.
      Thanks again.

  36. Claire says:

    La Vita E Bella
    Come se puo dominticare questo film?
    Seriously, watch it.

  37. Juliette Williams says:

    I need help. I am trying to find a movie I was back in the 80ies or early 90ties. It was a war romance, as I recall two men were in love with one woman, one was her husband and the other was her friend. She became ill and the friend moved in to help take care of her.

    • Hi Juliette, it sounded a bit like Hanover Street, but only a bit. If it isn’t, I’ll ty to figure out what else it could be.

      • Juliette Williams says:

        Thank you so much, from what I have read, it does sound a little like Hanover Street, I am going to rent it to see if that is the one. I did not see anything in the review about the wife getting sick and the two men taking care of her.

      • You’re welcome. I hope that’ it or if not that you do enjoy it anyway.

  38. Sam Nigam says:

    what about notebook 2004, Foxtrot 1976 and summer of 42.

  39. azerty says:

    You may want to watch “La bicyclette bleue”. It’s a French TV mini series, based on a book by Régine Desforge. Not a true story, but Desforge is a historian, she put together anecdotes and facts from the resistance and wrote her book based on that. The movie is very good, starring Laetitia Casta and Georges Corraface as leads, both of them great. Set in WW2, Lea is just 18, naive and innocent, and does not care about politics. Then war happens, Lea is forced to grow up, become mature, show courage, gets involved in resistance. She falls in love with a mysterious man, François, who looks like he is a collaborator, except he also seem like a good man. Her sister falls in love with a German officer assigned in their home. A moving story about war ruining youth, about growing up and making choices, about being led by fate on a path without having much influence on it sometimes. Much recommended.

  40. DandyBrandy says:

    I’m looking for a Russian Romance movie. The beginning of the action might have been during the war or after it.
    There were three people in an airplane. The captain and two subalterns. The plane crashes (I think it was during some tests). The captain ordered one of the two to jump with the parachute but the second bails out immediately after the first instead of helping the commander to redress the plane. The girlfriend of the first one does not believe him when he says what happened and the one who had jumped from the plane (for fear of dying) spreads all sort of lies and eventually he gets to marry the girlfriend of the main character. The hero of the story marries another girl (a kid really, the one who stood always around him) and he forms a family of his own and then, after years, he meets again his ex-girlfriend and her husband. If I remember correctly he becomes a captain on one of the commercial planes. He gets to know that the little boy these two have is actually his son but to keep things simple the boy was told that his father died. The movie ends up with the initial lovers continuing with their own separate lives.

  41. gyakori says:

    I’m looking for a war-romance movie, in which the man gets drafted before they could marry and later news about his death come, but they are false, he survived and comes back. By this time the woman gave birth to their child and she’s worried that he might not love her anymore. At the end they go for a walk and the man ask her to marry him.
    The woman has many siblings and they live on a farm or something similar.
    I don’t know which war is it but it’s pre 60s era I think.

  42. Yassin says:

    There is a world war movie in which there is a solider who was injured and got sent back to the states to recover and he ends up falling in love with a nurse, the nurse has a little brother who the main character has to protect in the army. I can’t remember the name could anyone remind me of it ?

  43. karl zimmerman says:

    How about Eye of the Needle (1982?) w, Donald Sutherland & Kate Nelligan?

  44. Gary says:

    I recently watched a movie on TV, but didn’t catch what the name of it was, if i recall correctly it was a romance based on WW1 or WW2, I think the male was a deserter and the female was also in the military. I think one scene she was in a bunker/hospital with a injured loved one while bombs were being dropped. Perhaps based in france? Any idea what i’m talking about?

    • When I read your comment I saw some images of a movie I’ve seen, which sound exactly like what you saw. But . . . I can’t come up with the title. I would need some more infos. Anythig else you remember.

  45. Carol Hansford says:

    I am trying to find a movie I saw years ago about a couple trying to find their little boy after the war . I think it was set in France. At the end the mother was carrying a teddy bear and was about to leave thinking the boy was not hers when he saw the bear and started shouting Binky which was the bears name.

  46. ojfjdk says:

    House of flying daggers!!

  47. jean-marc lawton says:

    Hi, I’ve been looking for a war romance film for years but to no avail

    Two German soldiers are left in command of a small French village during WWII and not surprisingly are not liked by the locals. One of the soldiers falls in love with a local girl and they have a secret romance. The two German soldiers then risk their lives to take an injured resistance fighter to hospital (I seem to remember that they use a motorbike and sidecar to do this) One of the german soldiers is killed and at the end of the war as France is liberated the grateful locals keep the other German soldier safe. The film starts off with students picking lavender on a French farm many years after the war, the owners are the german man and French woman – when they are asked how that came to be they tell the story of their war romance

    I have searched high and low so if anyone knows what the film is, I’ll be well made up


    • How I wish I could help. Usually people never remember so many details and still – I might ask for help in a new post.
      I got another interesting question.

    • Clive Wakley says:

      If I remember correctly the German soldiers took a pregnant French woman to the hospital, who was in desperate need of medical help, and would not have survived child birth without their intervention. This act of humanity earning them the respect of the French villagers. Sorry I can’t remember the name of the film but believe it had the word “Summer” in its title (it was either a French of German film). If you discover the name of the film I would be grateful if you could tell me. Regards.

    • Norman Aitken says:

      Hi Jean-marc.
      I’ve also been looking for this film for years and I think maybe I’ve found it. I remember seeing it on BBC many years ago, possibly during the late 90s, and I really enjoyed it

      I’m pretty sure that what you’re looking for is a TV drama trilogy called ‘Les Lavandes’ from 1976 by Jean Prat. I can’t find any English translations of information about the film but I did find this:
      You can watch the film on this site in French.

      There is also a Wikipedia France page here:

      • jean-marc lawton says:

        Hi, only just picked this up – amazing; it does seem to be it………I was beginning to think I’d dreamt it! I saw it earlier than the 1990’s – I see it was made in the late 1970’s and that’s my recollection of when I saw it; on BBC2 I think
        Only trouble is it definitely had English sub-titles. There’s dvd of it (3 episodes) for sale on Amazon, but it seems to be solely in French. The other weird thing is that t seems to be in 3 parts, yet my recollection of it was it was a single film. Maybe it was just the first episode I saw

        I read a book called ‘Chalky’ when I was a boy and I searched for that for years when I had kids of my own, but to no avail. Again I began to doubt it existed. Then I eventually found it by going to the British Library in London. Got the details, which led to buying a copy and the kids loved it

        So due to you, the experience seems to be repeating itself. I cannot express how happy this has made me


      • Norman Aitken says:

        Hi Jean-Marc. You’re welcome. I was really pleased to find it at last. Funny you should say that about the single episode as I also had that recollection. It’s such along time ago though I can’t remember. Just haver to find an English subtitled version now so if you have any luck please let me know.

  48. […] Mikäli sotien aikaiset romanssit valkokankaalla kiinnostavat suosittelen piipahtamaan täällä elokuvallisista inspiraatiota hakemassa. Elokuva on tosiaan saanut innoituksensa tosielämän […]

  49. Jess says:

    Hi I am searching for this foreign language movie (could be a mini series or TV movie) I saw long back-

    Set in the world war, a woman and her son are living in a small town. The woman works as a PA or secretary to a aviator/defence aviation officer. He is kind to her (brings her groceries and other necessities). They eventually fall in love. He gives her a ring and asks her to marry him. Her son doesn’t approve. Later on her husband returns (presumed dead or was missing in action). She still continues to meet this other man and her husband asks her about it.

    I know this movie is a fairly recent one (Post 1999-2000 release I think but I could be wrong.)

  50. Samrat Nigam says:

    List forgets many more movies like innocent emotional romance between a wife of a dead soldier and a young boy in summer of 42. It’s my favourite movie among top War Romances. The other one is Yanks starring Richard Gere William Devane Venassa Redgrave

  51. Salome says:

    Looking for a movie where a oldies returns to America from Vietnam where he leaves his pregnant wife. He gets married in America and after 13 years goes in search of his daughter in Vietnam.

  52. 16brook says:

    I am a big fan of the romantic WWII movies. I have lost one of my favorite movies and can’t remember the title, only the plot. I remember that I found it on Youtube years ago. I tried searching Youtube and google for well over an hour, but have yet to find the movie 😦
    Plot: a young boy and girl are playmates and friends growing up…they would play in his toy plane model. As they grew up they fell in love, and he went to war and became a pilot. The plane crashed and he hit his head so hard that he lost his memory of the past. He was gone for so long that the young woman back home believed him to be dead. One day he came back to the little town he grew up in…the young woman was surprised to see him and heartbroken that he didn’t remember her. He eventually regains his memory and they fall in love all over again. For some reason I feel like the movie title was a lyric in an old song…Any help in finding this movie again, would be appreciated!

  53. Susan Towne says:

    Pls help find a very obscure movie(originally a play, i believe). Can’t recall the name but it’s about an allied field hospital in North Africa, possibly WWl. A soldier falls in love with a nurse who does not return his affections. Can’t find this anywhere! It used to be on tv kind of a.lot back in the 60’s.

  54. Blackbird says:

    Hiii, i need some help, i’ve been trying a lot to find a movie and i don’t even remember the trama, would you pleeaaseee help me? There’s a war and the woman with her family are in the “revolution” (i’m not sure) but she fell in love with an officer and they suposed to hate each other but they even get married…. The last i remember is that she is pregnant and he has to go to war but she doesn’t want to
    I know that it’s very short informatioon buut can youuuu help me?? I also know that it’s reaaaalllyyyyy long and it’s not in english

  55. […] assists and helped to cure soldier men who were injured during World War I. You can even watch some romance movies between a nurse and a soldier to get ideas about how it worked back then. But that was back then. Nowadays, anyone can join the […]

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