Two Questions for my Readers – WWII Movie Related


It’s been a while since I last wrote a question post but I just got two comments with interesting questions and would really like to know the answers to those as well.

Here’s question 1

Hi, I’ve been looking for a war romance film for years but to no avail

Two German soldiers are left in command of a small French village during WWII and not surprisingly are not liked by the locals. One of the soldiers falls in love with a local girl and they have a secret romance. The two German soldiers then risk their lives to take an injured resistance fighter to hospital (I seem to remember that they use a motorbike and sidecar to do this) One of the german soldiers is killed and at the end of the war as France is liberated the grateful locals keep the other German soldier safe. The film starts off with students picking lavender on a French farm many years after the war, the owners are the german man and French woman – when they are asked how that came to be they tell the story of their war romance

And question 2

I have a question for everyone…. ( . . . ) I am currently sitting here watching a good WWII movie called Black Book which is based on true events . Anyway to the point I have watched many German Austrian and other international war movies and continuously noticed that the Nazi patches and rank and insignias are all not shown or removed from the uniforms in many movies …. can someone please explain this to me. Also I am a second generation U.S citizen.

If anyone knows the answers to these questions, please leave a comment below. Thanks.

12 thoughts on “Two Questions for my Readers – WWII Movie Related

  1. Tom Berner says:

    It has been illegal to display a swastika in Germany and Austria for many years, which is probably why the insignia is inaccurate (until just this year, Mein Kampf was banned).

    I haven’t seen the movie which is the subject of the first question, though.

  2. Guy Savage says:

    The first one sounds familiar but I can’t recall the title

  3. Thomas Schuler says:

    Thank everyone so very much for the response to my question about ” why SS and the Death Skulls and swastikas and other Nazi insignias are not shown or are removed in international WW2 war movies ” .

  4. Casey says:

    Definitely ‘Allo ‘Allo!, just kidding. I came across a mention of this in a book. Could it be it?

  5. Norman Aitken says:

    I don’t think it the film in Q1 is ‘Nous n’irons plus au bois’ as the plot isn’t right. Try the two French links below instead. I posted this as a a reply to a comment from Jean-Marc Lawton in November 2016.

    Hope this helps.

    Hi Jean-marc.
    I’ve also been looking for this film for years and I think maybe I’ve found it. I remember seeing it on BBC many years ago, possibly during the late 90s, and I really enjoyed it

    I’m pretty sure that what you’re looking for is a TV drama trilogy called ‘Les Lavandes’ from 1976 by Jean Prat. I can’t find any English translations of information about the film but I did find this:
    You can watch the film on this site in French.

    There is also a Wikipedia France page here:

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