Edge of Tomorrow (2014) Tom Cruise at His . . . Weakest?

Edge of Tomorrow

Why did I even bother watching Edge of Tomorrow? I had a feeling I wouldn’t like it and I was right. The story as such isn’t bad, though.

A US military officer, Tom Cruise, is brought to London to help in a war against aliens. He clashes with the British commanding officer and while he didn’t want to go into combat, as he’s inexperienced, he wakes up, handcuffed, ready to be shipped to occupied France to fight a powerful enemy. The first episodes are a mix of comedy and action and that’s why I started disliking the movie from the beginning. I’m not sure there really was a need to play it like this. It set the tone wrong as, ultimately, this isn’t another Tropic Thunder and, in spite of the initial groundhog day feel, it would have worked better if it had been darker.

Our officer is shipped to France, in spite of his protests, and finds himself battling the enemy in heavy armour and gear. Next to him on the battle field is the war hero Angel of Verdun (Emily Blunt), a highly trained fighter. She’s killed while he shoots one of the aliens.

And then he wakes up handcuffed again and the story seems to start from scratch.

Since I like some military sci-fi, I think I might have liked this, if there hadn’t been any comedic acting at all. Was that Tom Cruise’s choice, I wonder? It think it’s too bad because when you subtract that you have an action-packed, edgy, dark sci-fi adventure with a great finale.

I liked that it used imagery and battles of former wars – Verdun – D-Day landing etc. That gave it an almost creepy, and certainly chilling element.

The Edge of Tomorrow isn’t bad, it’s just not consistent. The mood’s a huge mess, in my opinion. It should have been consistently dark. It’s still watchable but not Tom Cruise’s best performance. I’d even say it was the weakest I’ve ever seen. At least Emily Blunt’s surprisingly at home in this role. Nonetheless, if you like action-packed Sci-Fi, you might enjoy it.

The trailer is one of those that makes you expect a very different movie.

12 thoughts on “Edge of Tomorrow (2014) Tom Cruise at His . . . Weakest?

  1. Guy Savage says:

    I haven’t seen this but I get exactly what you are saying. Mood is so important–esp in a film such as this. Thanks for bothering. Now I don’t have to.

  2. Tom27 says:

    Funny. I’m no fan of SciFi or Tom Cruise, but I liked this one for the same reason I liked Groundhogs Day: they are both about personal growth and second chances.

    The Tom Cruise character begins the movie both as a coward and incompetent. With each repeated death, he gains a little in courage, wisdom and intellectual flexibility. By the end of the movie, he is nothing like the character he was at the beginning.

    Also, the invasion scenes were compelling: reminiscent of The Longrst Day and Saving Private Ryan.

  3. nem baj says:

    It could have been great as a 25 min. Twilight Zone episode. Alas…

  4. Rayearth says:

    Hello all
    I recommend you to read the manga :
    “All you need is kill” (complete)
    It’s the base for the movie
    Have Fun !

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