Ken Loach’s Route Irish (2010)

I’ve read a few reviews of Route Irish and while I agree this may not be Ken Loach‘s best movie, I thought it was far better than I expected. There are a few awkward moments but overall it’s well done, well acted, interesting and suspenseful.

Fergus and Frankie are best friends since childhood days. They are inseparable. They join the army together and leave it together. While Fergus starts working as a contractor for Tyree (an organisation like Blackwater), Frankie does the odd job in their hometown Liverpool. The problem is that odd jobs don’t bring money and he is not with Fergus. That’s why he joins up with Tyree as well and they go to different “hot places” together. 10000 £ per month seem enough money to justify what they are doing and to accept the risks they are taking.

Organisations like Blackwater are the face of modern warfare. Although the men are called “security personnel” by their employers, what they really are is mercenaries. Iraq is a particularly ugly place to be. It’s messy and chaotic. They are constantly shot at and shoot back.

While Fergus is in Liverpool, Frankie is on his last mission, escorting a reporter.  He is killed on Route Irish, the most dangerous street in the world, the road that leads from Baghdad to the Green Zone.

Fergus is guilt ridden because he wasn’t there for his friend. Just before his death, Frankie tried to call Fergus several times as clearly something was wrong in Baghdad. A mobile phone that Frankie has sent to Fergus shows that he was involved in the shooting of civilians and that one of the other mercenaries wanted to cover this up. Fergus is convinced that Frankie wasn’t just in the wrong place at the wrong time but that he was murdered. He swears to track down the killers and take revenge.

Ken Loach could have chosen different ways of showing us the corruption and lawlessness of modern-day warfare and organisations like Blackwater but I thought a thriller wasn’t a bad choice. I liked Route Irish and think it is worth seeing. Not only for fans of Ken Loach.


4 thoughts on “Ken Loach’s Route Irish (2010)

  1. warmoviebuff says:

    Sounds interesting. When does it take place? Does it have a political agenda? Does it expose the underside of the war? I have not seen any Loach movies. I guess I need to. Starting with “Barley”.

    • It takes place in 2007. I certainly has a political agenda. It a mix between a thriller and Battle for Haditha. The Wind that Shakes the Barley is his best, or the best of those I have seen recently.

  2. Novroz says:

    huahahaha… the title definitely cheated me!! I read the title ‘aa…something Irish’. Ken’s name gave good confirmation…and then ‘eee? Iraq??’

    I havent seen many middle east war movies…the battlefield is too dry to see

    • Same here, btw, I first thought it was something Irish because he did The Wind That Shakes the Barley. It’s quite a good movie, it’s more like a thriller and what you see of the fighting takes place in the city.

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