The Diary of Anne Frank (2009) The BBC mini-series

The Diary of Anne Frank is a BBC mini-series in 5 parts, each of which is half an hour long. There are far over 20 movies or TV series that depict the life of this famous thirteen year old girl. Anne Frank spent two years in hiding, in an annex and the attic of an old house in Amsterdam during the last years of the second world war. Because they were Jewish, her father decided to hide in order to avoid being deported to a concentration camp. They hid there together with family friends, all in all 8 people and a cat, in very close quarters. Anne, a precocious and highly intelligent teenager, kept a diary of this time, the famous Diary of Anne Frank, on which this and any other movie is based.

The incredible tragedy of Anne Frank’s story is the well-known fact, that after hiding for two years successfully, they were still found and deported to various camps where they all died, in some cases just a few months before the end of the war.

The father was the only survivor. And what “survived” as well, was Anne’s diary that she had to leave behind when they were discovered. The lovely Miep, who hid them, and brought them food every day, kept it.

There are different ways to tell Anne’s story I remember one movie also showing her in the concentration camp. That was a very good but very bleak movie. This mini-series is completely different.

I found especially the first parts to be very educational. This could and should be shown in schools and can also be watched with younger children. I found out later that the BBC aimed at this public. In so far it is very well done. The girl Anne and her daily life, her struggles, conflict with the grown-us – in particular the mother – first love and many other things are shown nicely. We also see how stressful it must have been to hide like that and be around the same people day in and day out. They had no privacy, no independence, no freedom.

This cozy feel is a bit of a problem for grown-ups, I would say, it’s a bit too cute. On the other hand, the end is extremely powerful, much more powerful even than the end of the one in the concentration camp. But you really have to watch the whole series to experience this ending. We see nothing graphic, nothing brutal, just the people being led out and the name of the concentration camp and the date of their death. Very moving. All the quarrels, and petty grievances they went through, all the weaknesses we saw, they all of a sudden get another dimension. In retrospect even the most annoying of the characters becomes endearing. It seems so ironic that they were caught so late, after so many years of deprivations, just when they started to rejoice after having listened to the BBC and heard about D-Day…

7 thoughts on “The Diary of Anne Frank (2009) The BBC mini-series

  1. warmoviebuff says:

    Your review makes me want top watch this. I will see if its available on Net Flix. I think I avoid this subject beacuse of the incredible sadness of it. Imagine what an impact as a writer she would have had if she had lived. How many other victims of the Holocaust had great potential to change the world.

    • There are tons of writers, thinkers, philosophers who died in the Holocaust. Large parts of the Jewish intelligentsia was exterminated. It is very sad. It is one of the saddest movies I have ever seen because the portrait of her and her family is so intimate.

  2. Novroz says:

    It seems that BBC had done it again…after that wonderful mini series of Sherlock, now theay are playing another great miniseries.

    Just like warmoviebuff, I want to see this too because of your review. I trust your review as I have seen what they did to Sherlock. I have heard so much af Anne through documentary, I have’t read the diary yet. She was a fascinating little girl

    • I have read it years ago when I was the same age she was when she wrote it. I liked it very much for different reasons.
      I was really not sure after the first two episodes but then in the end I must admit they did a great job. Yes, the BBC keep on surpassing themselves in the last few years. Their mini-series and period dramas are great.

  3. Wynter Tyson says:

    I liked this version because it didn’t canonise the Franks and the normalcy of their quarrels and Anne’s slightly annoying personality made it much more relevant and powerful.

    • I agree, although the beginning did take some getting used to as I had seen a few very bleak versions and was expecting something along that line. Looking back I must admit they really managed to capture a dimension the others didn’t manage to show.

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