My Favourite War Movie All-star Cast: The Thin Red Line (1998)

Due to its nature the war movie genre is rich in movies with all-star casts. There are many that I like. I was looking through the casts of quite a few and in the end I was not sure if I did prefer the cast of Black Hawk Down or the one of  The Thin Red Line. Finally, making a very thorough comparison, including also minor roles, my winner  is The Thin Red Line. There is only one actor I am not keen one and he may very well be the reason why some people do not appreciate The Thin Red Line. I am talking about the fanatic pro-lifer James Caviezel.  But look at all the others and then tell me that you do not think this is an astonishing group of actors that has come together in one movie.

James Caviezel (The Passion of the Christ)

Nick Nolte (The Prince of Tides, Cape Fear)

Sean Penn (Dead Man Walking, Mystic River)

John Cusack (High Fidelity, 2012)

Elias Koteas (Shooter, Shutter Island)

Adrien Brody (The Pianist, King Kong)

Nick Stahl (Sin City, In the Bedroom)

John. C. Reilly (Gangs of New York, Magnolia)

Woody Harrelson (Natural Born  Killers, The Messenger)

John Travolta (Pulp Fiction,Love Song for Bobby Long)

Ben Chaplin (Murder by Numbers, The Remains of the Day)

George Clooney (Oceans Eleven, O Brother, Where Art Thou?)

Jared Leto (Requiem for a Dream, Alexander, The Fight Club)

Miranda Otto (Lord of The Rings, War of the Worlds)

and many , many more.

Which is your favourite all-star cast? The Longest Day? A Bridge Too Far? The Great Escape or The Dirty Dozen?


10 thoughts on “My Favourite War Movie All-star Cast: The Thin Red Line (1998)

  1. Novroz says:

    I’ve seen this movie years ago, I honestly didn’t remember that cast are all awesome men.

  2. warmoviebuff says:

    That is a great cast – what a waste! (LOL) I read many actors begged to work with the reclusive Malick (including Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt). His reputation was so high they would do anything for him, including wandering around the deck of a ship like Travolta was forced to do. Silly! You might to check on the several other famous actors whose contributions were left on the cutting room floor. The list includes Billy Bob Thornton, Martin Sheen, Gary Oldman, Bill Pullman, Viggo Mortensen, and Mickey Rourke!
    I support “The Longest Day” for best all-star cast in a war movie. Here is the match-up as I see it. TRL on the left, TLD on the right.

    Caviezel < Robert Wagner
    Nolte Stuart Whitman
    Cusack > Jeffery Hunter
    Koteas < Peter Lawford
    Brody < Richard Burton
    Stahl < Roddy McDowell
    Reilly Richard Todd
    Travolta < Henry Fonda
    Chaplin < Curt Jergens
    Clooney Robert Ryan
    Otto < Irina Dernick

    My movie wins 10-4, sorry. I also have on my bench Rod Steiger, Edmund O'Brien, and Hans Christain Blech. Too bad your bench was not even able to make it into the movie!

  3. warmoviebuff says:

    Trivia question: Who appears in both “The Longest Day” and “A Bridge Too Far”? He gets a big promotion from the first to the second.

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