IMDb War Movie Parents Guide Film Quiz 9

I only recently saw that there was a parents guide to almost every movie describing in different paragraphs how explicit/graphic etc. a movie is and if or if not it can be watched with children. I read some of them and found many quite hilarious. Some movies come across in such an odd way seen like this…

I didn’t want to simply give you an example. Instead, let’s test your knowledge. Below you see the parents guide of a famous war movie. Guess which one it is.

There is reference to soldiers raping/attempting to rape some villagers

A man talks about how he loves pussy

In one scene, in the background, you can see a poster of a fully nude woman.

A man reads Playboy.

A man holds a small statue of a nude woman.

As this is a war film, there is graphic war violence throughout the picture.

Examples are a man is shot in the lungs and has trouble breathing while oozing blood. A man is piecing his internals back in. Many men are shot and killed, wounded, and screaming. A brief scene of taking wounded men back to an Aid zone, though it is a short scene there are many sitings of wounded men, dead mutilated bodies, and medics covered in blood. A scene of torturing a Vietnamese soldier ends in much blood shed (brains are implied but not seen).

A rape scene which is quickly ended by interruption.

The most disturbing scene is where the troops raid a village: a man with a mental illness gets beaten to death with the back of a gun and then they continue to shoot his distraught mother. Several adults and children get blown up with grenades (very graphic). A man shoots a woman in front of her son and grandaughter. He then put a gun to the head of the grandaughter, to torture the woman’s son. He nearly shoots the girl before his is interrupted.

Contains frequent strong language, including blasphemy, the ‘f’ word, and many uses of sh*t, a**, b*tch, and 1 use of the ‘n’ slur.

Alcohol, cigarette smoking and marijuana smoking are all depicted. It is implied that doing “shit” will wear you away from your worries.

a scene in which a Vietnamese villager is being tortured by soldiers, especially the conclusion, may be very disturbing to many viewers

one theme of the film is that of some of the soldiers who have been there for as short as two weeks going insane with bloodlust and mental visions. this may be disturbing to many viewers

Now, any ideas?

Here is your solution

5 thoughts on “IMDb War Movie Parents Guide Film Quiz 9

  1. warmoviebuff says:

    Too easy. “Good Morning, Vietnam”. Am I right? You can’t miss with a platoon worth of clues like that.

  2. warmoviebuff says:

    Thanks. I use IMDB and was not aware of that feature. I will use it in the future.

  3. warmoviebuff says:

    I was joking. Read my fourth sentence carefully.

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