Ridiculous War Movie Characters

Maybe I am going to hurt a few feelings here, I am sorry, but I can’t help it. I discussed war movie characters I liked, some that I found obnoxious and now it’s the turn of those I think ridiculous. There are not that many  (I certainly forgot quite a few). The question is probably also, what do I consider to be ridiculous.  Let me explain my choices.

4. David Schwimmer as Herbert M. Sobel in Band of Brothers. This is really a ridiculous character. He is insufferable and makes himself look ridiculous by misjudging his own capabilities.

3. Blackburn in Black Hawk Down. I do have my problems with Orlando Bloom outside of Lord of the Rings. Occasionally I do believe he shouldn’t have done anything else than Lord of the Rings. When I spotted him in Black Hawk Down I couldn’t help sniggering. On top of looking silly the poor guy has one of the most ridiculous accidents in war movie history. He falls out of the chopper before the action even begins.

2. Nicolas Cage as Sgt. Joe Enders in Windtalkers. I have spoken at length about Windtalkers in an earlier post. A lot of my criticism is linked to Nicolas Cage being just so outrageously ridiculous in this movie. Bad, bad acting. If you suffer from post-traumatic stress, please, don’t look as if you were  having indigestion. It is not becoming.

1. Mel Gibson in Braveheart. This simply beats it. Is anyone allowed to look this  ridiculous? He was just the wrong man for this role. No amount of kilt-wearing, long hair or war paint can make this guy look like some pre 20th century warrior. This cast was a total no-go. I can not even remember the movie anymore, I was so entranced by his appearance. Mel Gibson on his worst hair day. My absolute no 1. ridiculous war movie character. (Don’t get me wrong, I think he did a lot of very good movies, but this one was not for him). Actually, they should have let him ride a bike in it.

Any other suggestions?

14 thoughts on “Ridiculous War Movie Characters

  1. Novroz says:

    Hehehe this is an interesting read, I’ve seen them all but I don’t find them funny.
    I’ve forgotten about the last 3 characters, but Brave Heart is still clear in my head because my local TVstation often play it. Can you please elaborate his ridiculousness so that I can also find him ridiculous?

    • He is just such a modern day guy. Very short hair. He would never wear hair like this. I just think it is a total miscast. For me he will alwys be Mad Max. The way he walk and talks and looks a total anachronism. He is perfect in We Were Soldiers.

  2. warmoviebuff says:

    I feel compelled to disagree on Schwimmer. You have to give the actor credit for taking on such a wormy character. It was an acting stretch that he pulled off pretty well since most people find Sobel to be an incompetent martinet. The character is true to the book so you essentially are saying the real person was ridiculous. I agree on the others with the caveat that Willam Wallace was not ridiculous, but Mel Gibson’s portayal of him was.

    • I am talking about Mel Gibson not William Wallace. He looked like Mad Max dressing up for the occasion, no blending in with the character. He definitely killed this movie for me. I realise my title wasn’t phrased very carefully. I was not sure about Schwimmer myself. I put him in “unlikable and obnoxious characters” too, so that’s probably where he should stay, you are right.
      All in all I was rather surprised that I didn’t come up with more.

  3. Novroz says:

    I see your point now.
    Who do you think is perfect the role? Viggo looks convincing in long hair…could he be the perfect cast?

  4. warmoviebuff says:

    How about Audie Murphy in “To Hell and Back”. He looks nothing like Audie Murphy and I do not think the main character would have behaved like Audie Murphy portrays him. If I were Audie Murphy, I would have sued over this ridiculous handling of his autobiography. Why didn’t they find a competent actor to handle the role?

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