Movies on the War in Algeria: A List

The War in Algeria, or the war that was officially no war, is a particularly dark spot on French history. For all the parties invloved, the French and the Algerians alike. Some of the movies on this list have been prohibited in France for a long time. I have only seen and reviewed Intimate enemies aka L’ennemi intime which is a very good movie but I know that a few of the others on the list, first of all La battaglia di Algeri aka Battle of Algiers and Chronique des années de braise are very good movies as well. I got L’honneur d’un Capitaine which, like some of the others, is only available in French. Lost Command has quite an interesting cast but I have my doubts whether the movie is any good and the first one on the list is decidedly a B-Movie.


5 thoughts on “Movies on the War in Algeria: A List

  1. warmoviebuff says:

    I am going to watch Battle of Algiers first and then decide whether to go further. Since it is a masterpiece, if I do not like it, there is little hope for the others.

    • That’s pretty weird thinking. Just because I don’t like the one or the other Vietnam movie doesn’t mean I cannot go further. Some of them like Intimate enemies are more modern and were not known at the time when Battle of Algiers was made. I think you would like it more and would definitely suggest that’s the one to start with and move to the “Masterpiece” later.

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  3. nem baj says:

    Loin des hommes (‘Far from Men’, 2014) is a wartime drama taking place at the beginning of the Algerian War, in the Atlas mountains. Part Western and part road-movie, with Viggo Mortensen and Reda Kateb, adapted from a short story by Albert Camus… it’s definitely worth watching.

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