ANZACS Part IV and V (1985) The Battles of Amiens and Hamel

This is just a short wrap-up post. I finally watched the last two episodes of the ANZACS mini-series and I liked them as much as the first three. There were a few predictable moments and the end was a bit anti-climatic but very realistic.

I would really like to recommend the series once more. It’s excellent. It’s also an amazing story. The bravery and courage of the ANZACS was really something. I already said it in another post that one thing that struck me was the way they went to war. They took it like some sporting adventure, they were big on comradeship and good spirits. It seemed a bit stretched at first but I’ve done some research and some of my readers confirmed that this was the way they were.

What you get to understand as well, when you watch this series is the huge difference the end of the war represented for the Australians and the French. All through the series you see the ravaged landscape, the bombed villages and although some places remind the lads of home, their country remained untouched. I’m not saying the contribution wasn’t great, no, but when they were finally back home, they could really leave the war behind. That was not possible for the French soldiers who had to cope with a devastated country. The land has still not fully recovered until today. There are still places where you see craters and trenches, where they left the barbed wire and there are still bombs exploding.

While Part IV is still heavy on combat, Part V, which is a bit anti-climatic, is a quiet part. It centers on the Armistice and the ANZACS’ return home to Australia.

Here are the reviews of Part I GallipoliPart II The Somme  and Part III Passchendaele.


9 thoughts on “ANZACS Part IV and V (1985) The Battles of Amiens and Hamel

  1. Liam McAlister says:

    Where do you get this DvD box set? Having watched the trailers on this forum and , being a bit of a WWI enthuasist I am hooked. Unfortunately living in Ireland, these will be extremely difficult to get. Luckily I have a multi region DvD player so the playing wouldn’t be a problem.
    Liam McAlister

    • Hi Liam,

      I was lucky and got an old copy from someone to watch. It’s not easy to get. I don’t think you have Netflix in Ireland? There are copies on marketplace available but a bit expensive (19£). I also saw you can watch it online but I don’t know how that works. I’m sorry I have no better news. It is a series they should reissue.

  2. […] ANZACS (1985) WWI. Infantry combat. I just reviewed the final episodes of this excellent mini-series that follows the ANZACS from Australia to Gallipoli and from there to the Somme and back home again. Great combat scenes and a nice “band of brothers” feel. It also contrasts British command and Australian insubordination in a funny way. Here is my review. […]

  3. warmoviebuff says:

    Still can’t get it. Your reviews make me sick with envy. Is the series based on a book?

  4. Curvy Kitty says:

    No, not based on a book. I’m pretty sure…

  5. It can be purchased on Also known as Anzacs: The War Down Under.

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