A Month of Watching German War Movies

In line with another event I’m planning on watching only German war movies and mini-series during November and to some extent maybe already during October. I’ve seen a lot of the best but haven’t reviewed them all so that should be a good opportunity to catch up.

These are the movies I’m planning on watching and rewatching.

Die Brücke – The Bridge (1959)

Das Boot (1981)

Klemperer  (1999)

Sophie Scholl (2005)

Speer und Er aka Speer and Hitler (2005)

Don’t hesitate to make suggestions. My Top 10 German War Movies can be found here.

18 thoughts on “A Month of Watching German War Movies

  1. nem baj says:


    G.-W. Pabst’s Westfront 1918 (1930), and its nazi reply, Hans Zöberlein’s Stoßtrupp 1917 (1934).
    Unseen: Karl Hartl & Luis Trenkl’s Berge in Flammen. There’s a german-only version on youtube now.

    Konrad Wolf’s Ich war neunzehn (1968).

    Napoleonic wars
    Veit Harlan’s Kolberg

    • I haven’t watched those but was aware of them with the exception of the last two. Thanks. I’m most likely to watch Ich war neunzehn.

      • nem baj says:

        I’ll be looking forward to your review. It’s quite an interesting piece of cinema, and one of the best Eastern Bloc WWII movies I’ve seen, along with Andrzej Wajda’s Kanal.

      • Kanal is on my to be watched list as well. Just not yet.
        I’m going to order Ich war neunzehn soon.

      • nem baj says:

        Btw, Kolberg, Goebbels’ own superproduction epic, is quite something when you watch it keeping in mind the circumstances of its shooting… for instance the tens of thousands of actual Wehrmacht soldiers brought back from the 1944 Eastern Front to play as extras in period costumes. A mad movie in times of madness.

        Whereas the run of the mill nazi fiction war films (notably Karl Ritter’s can probably be overlooked. I tried watching Stukas once and couldn’t finish – it’s the kind of very bad flick that makes one deeply sympathize with Mélanie Laurent’s character in Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds.

      • I’ll keep Kolberg in mind but not for Novemeber. I could imagine most of the nazi films were very bad. I’m not going to chase Stukas. 🙂

  2. the war movie buff says:

    I can watch Sophie Scholl with you, but I have to wait for Das Boot since it is #3. The others, I can’t get.

    • I knew that was somewhere among the first which is justified.
      We can see how we arrange the Sophie Schol watch along. Would be great.
      I suppose it’s difficult to get mini-series. How about I was Nineteen which nem baj suggested?

  3. Guy Savage says:

    SOunds like a lot of good titles. I liked Sophie Scholl.

    I’m having a lot of problems with wordpress. How about you?

  4. Guy Savage says:

    Have you seen In Darkness? Polish film

  5. Novroz says:

    I will watch Napola for this event 🙂

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