We Are Looking for a Holocaust Movie


It’s been a while since the last We Are Looking For a Movie post. I had some requests via e-mail and was lucky to be able to say which movie it was but in this case I draw a blank.

Can anyone help?

Years ago I watched a movie about a young Jewish boy whose mother (who had married a Jew against her father’s will) brought him to live with his grandfather to save him. She did not stay, herself.  The grandfather was either Italian or French. I think it was a foreign film with subtitles.
The emerging relationship was so touching. One significant scene I hope will help in identifying the movie is when the grandfather admonished the boy never to let anyone see him naked because of his circumcision.
I would love to view this movie again, but I don’t know the title. It has to be fairly old. Can anyone there help me to identify this movie?

The picture above is taken from Au revoir les enfants. While that is an excellent film, it is not the film we are looking for.

7 thoughts on “We Are Looking for a Holocaust Movie

  1. TBM says:

    Geez I suck at this game. I hope someone knows it.

  2. Guy Savage says:

    The not being seen naked sounds familiar but then that comes up from time to time.

  3. nem baj says:

    It could be the great Le Vieil homme et l’enfant (The Two of Us), adapted from Claude Berri’s own childhood memories.

    Except it’s the mother who warns the boy never to be seen naked, and in the end the fab grandfather (who is also a seasoned antisemite) won’t know…

  4. I just heard back from the person who was looking for the movie and – yes – it is
    The Two of Us.
    Thanks a lot nem baj.

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