Another Movie I Couldn’t Finish – Iron Sky (2012)

For various reasons I am not watching a lot of movies these days but finally I had a bit of time this weekend and what do I pick? Iron Sky. I hardly got through the first half hour.

A brief look at the IMDb user reviews tell me that people “laughed all the way through this movie”, “enjoyed it incredibly”, thought it was “the best sci-fi” movie ever. What the heck?

I found the humour heavy-handed, from the Nazi to the Sarah Palin parody. And I couldn’t shake off the feeling that the producers liked the paraphernalia, symbolism and imagery of the Nazis  a bit too much for my taste. Plus Laibach made the music? Hmmmm.

Maybe this is the new Starship Troopers,  another one I found insufferable and couldn’t finish. If so, then this is simply not a movie for me. Or maybe it is really crap. I can’t finish it just to find that out.

Tell me, what did you think of Iron Sky?