War-themed Music Videos

We were driving in the car with the radio on when they played Stan Ridgway’s Camouflage. Camouflage is not just a song, it’s a real story. A fascinating story of a young Marine who gets lost in the jungle and is helped by another Marine, a big Marine called Camouflage. It’s really worth listening to the lyrics. While I listened to it, I thought of how often war is a theme in songs. Now, this is a blog on war movies, and so I thought it is fitting to see how many times war isn’t only in the lyrics, like in OMD’s Enola Gay, but how often it’s actually used in the video. How many war-themed music videos are there? One could argue these are mini war movies. I found seven so far, if you know any others, feel free to share. Don’t take it too seriously it’s just a little bit of light Sunday afternoon entertainment.

Which one do you prefer and why? Because of the music or the video?

Some of the links below will redirect you to YouTube.