A Bridge Too Far, Bridges in General or the First War Movie I Ever Saw

Black and white. Yes, my memory of A Bridge Too Far is a black and white one. We didn’t have a color TV at the time we watched it. I remember watching with my mother but that might not even be accurate since what she really liked were war romances. But those old ones. She made me watch one with a bridge in it as well. It was about a woman who later tried to cover up that she had to sell her body as a means to survive during the war. Very dramatic. I did absolutely not get the point. If he loved her, so what? Anyhow, since  A Bridge Too Far was very probably the very first war movie I ever saw, I’ve been imprinted with the love for these guarding-a-bridge-or-blow -it-up-so-the-enemy-won’t-get-it and similar bridge moments. There is one like that in many movies. Of course there is one in Saving Private Ryan. Everything else regarding A Bridge Too Far is pretty blurred by now. That’s why I’m going to watch it again soon.