Christ and The War Movie Hero

Don’t get alarmed! I’m not going to be blasphemous here. I have just been wondering about this coincidence/symmetry for quite a while and would like to give you something to ponder.

In 1986 Oliver Stone did Platoon starring Willem Dafoe as one of the main characters whose death has written film history and is also depicted on the movie’s poster. The hero who sacrifices himself.

1988 Willem Dafoe played the role of Christ in Scorsese’s The Last Temptation of the Christ.

1998 one of the main characters in  A Thin Red Line, the most pensive one, is played by James Caviezel.

2004 Mel Gibson, who had  major roles in many a war movie, chose James Caviezel as Christ in The Passion of the Christ.

With regards to The Passion of the Christ one must add that there aren’t many movies out there that are more graphic, gory and bloody. One of the longest agonies in film history.

It’ s about death and dying again.