Is Black Hawk Down Too Combat Intense?

Talking with a friend about Black Hawk Down the other day, he said he thought it was too much, the combat was too intense, too relentless. Since Black Hawk Down is my absolute favourite I did never think of it in terms of being too intense. For me it is absolutely perfect the way it is but I can see how one could feel the way he did. How about you? Any opinion on the combat intensity of Black Hawk Down?

Let’s find out what you think.

6 thoughts on “Is Black Hawk Down Too Combat Intense?

  1. warmoviebuff says:

    I did not find the movie too intense. I am a huge fan of the movie and have read the book which it is very faithful to. The movie could not be more accurate with the exception that modern combat in an urban setting against mobs of drug-fueled opponents can not be truly accurate without being rated NC-17 for violence. I clearly remembered nudging my wife to close her eyes when the gunship approached its strafing run on the roof-top mob. I was actually disappointed that the carnage was toned down. (Says a lot about me, I fear). The movie audience that thinks that scene is too intense has no conception of what those Gatling guns can do to human flesh.

    • I did not find it too intense but wouldn’t go as far as saying it could be more intense. I felt it was just right. But I am certain for the sake of accuracy it could have been more intense. Too bad you can’t watch it in schools. I like the different approaches, meaning the difference between the units. Certainly interesting for tactical analysis.

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  3. For realistic combat movies, it seems a little silly to complain about something being “too” intense. Nothing can possibly be as intense as the real thing, so trying to approximate it as much as possible is essential. That is why the chaos of battle in movies like Saving Private Ryan, The Pacific and Blackhawk Down are so overwhelming. Anything less would not be authentic.

    • I couldn’t agree more. Obviously it is hard to take for some people but in the end that is part of the criticism I have towards some people who watch war movies – they think, they know what it’s like. They really don’t. I tink that is why we need movies like this.

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