War Movie Event – Anyone In For a War Movie Watchalong?

We’ve been discussing this with my friend, The War Movie Buff, for a while now and the idea of doing what is done very often on book blogs, struck us as something that was worth trying on a movie blog as well.

The idea is to choose a movie and to post on the same day. December is upcoming and so are the holidays, I thought chances might be higher that we manage to find a few like-minded people who will join.

First step is to choose a movie. The second step will be posting questions. You can then either choose to answer the questions or go freestyle, meaning either just comment on our blogs or post an independent review.

I would propose to choose from the below list. I will post the choice on Saturday 3 December. The questions will be posted on Saturday 17 December Friday 16 and Saturday 17 and the Watchalong reviews/posts will be due on Watchalong Wednesday 28 December Tuesday 27 and Thursday 29. Please check newer post for details. Change is due to the fact that 2 movies have been chosen. 

Here are the IMDB links – Jarhead, Master & Commander, Waterloo, The Winter War, A Very Long Engagement.

Do I have a preference? Yes, I do. No 1 – 3 or 4. But it’s up to you as well.

I hope there will be some interest. If not, it was at least worth a try.

24 thoughts on “War Movie Event – Anyone In For a War Movie Watchalong?

  1. Guy Savage says:

    I’d go with The Winter War.

    • I’ve been told by a few people that it was one of the very best, maybe better than Stalingrad. What held me back from watching it is the length. It’s by far the longest war movie I have with 200 minutes.
      Let’s see how the voting goes. I’d be glad to get a nudge and finally watch it.
      Would you watch along?

      • Guy Savage says:

        Yes count me in. I haven’t seen it but just ordered the long version. I’d prefer not to watch war as adventure or war as romance. Loved Fort Brest and 9th Battalion, so if it’s a war film we watch, it should be a WAR film–if you get my drift.

      • This is a WAR movie, no doubt about it. I wonder which long version you ordered, hope the one I got. Mine is 195min, there seems to be a US 125 min version and A Finnish mini series with 265min. I could only get the 195min.
        Curious to see who will want to watch along, I have a feeling it has a strong chance to be chosen.

  2. warmoviebuff says:

    I voted for M&C because I think it is more balanced than the others. It has action as well as exposition. It appeals to a larger audience than the others. More importantly, it lends itself to discussion much better than the others. It has dilemmas and debates on tactics and strategies. It was popular, but still has not been seen by everyone. It is readily available (unlike The Winter War).

    • Ah… Tactics and strategies isn’t something I could talk about…. I really want to watch The Winter War. At present it looks good, it has more votes. I think for the type of question I have in mind the shorter version would. If people watch different versions, we could also compare them.

  3. Guy Savage says:

    I got the 195 min version.

    We could always do more than one…

  4. warmoviebuff says:

    That’s the problem with The Winter War, there are different versions. I found the shorter version with subtitles on You Tube which also has the longer version but without subtitles.

    • Guy Savage says:

      I’ve just been reading about the director–how he spent 2 years in Hollywood looking over scripts he didn’t want to direct.

      Regardless of the choice, I’ll be watching this one anyway. I’m curious to see how it’s treated and it probably won’t extend into the Continuation War.

      • Maybe we could do two. I’ll watch this one as well. I’ve been waiting for more than a year now to watch it. I bought it last winter and didn’t get a chnace and in summer it felt somehwat odd. Like Stalingrad. I can’t watch Stalingrad in summer.

  5. Novroz says:

    master and commander is the easiest to find here…plus, it has Paul Bettany 😉

  6. TBM says:

    I voted for Master and Commander since I think it might be easier for me to track down and I read the book a few years back. But I will try to track down the winning movie. It will depend on the stock here in London. I hope lots of people join in.

  7. Novroz says:

    About the questions (will be posted on Saturday 17 December), can I do that earlier,like 16…because 17 is for Indonesia Banget.

    • I’m puzzled… I would post the questions together with Kevin and you could then reply to them on your post on December 28 or just write a review. Did you want to ask questions as well?
      Then we can collect and mix offline (e-mail). OK? And yes, of course another day, if you post on it is fine too.

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