Help Wanted – We are Looking for Some War Movies

As I wrote in a recent post I get quite a few requests, either via comments or e-mail, from people looking for a movie. Sometimes I know what they are looking for right away but often it is too difficult as all they remember is just a tiny moment and the rest is forgotten. I know how frustrating it is when you are looking for a movie that made an impression but you cannot remember the title that’s why I decided that I will from now on post the requests  for the movies I couldn’t find. It is quite possible that one of you knows them and can help.

Below you find scenes and mini summaries from movies. If you know any of them, please leave a comment. It would be really great if we would mange to find these movies.  

Movie I

Recently I watched a foreign language WW2 film on netflix, takes place on an island, there’s an orphanage, soldiers are Russian… young boy conflicted about who to protect….can’t remember the name of it….anyone

Movie II

I’m looking for the title of a short movie. A boy is watching through a fence, a german soldier throwing gas cylinders into the gas chambers. The soldier watches the boy every day and he ends up killing him,but the day after a new boy is watching. It is an American movie, one of the boys is a well known actor, and there is no dialog in the movie.

Movie III

Can’t find the best movie yet, and its called the honestnes. A good world war movie with kids that are running, and taking care of themself. I hope someone has it, and I would love to c it one more time.

Movie IV

Does anyone know a movie about an East German Orphanage with some German (Wyrwolf – Hitler Youth) living in the forest? Two Russian soldiers come to see how the orphanage is managed and they try to get the last German resistance youths into the orphanage. There is a bit of a battle. It’s a very good movie. It WAS on YouTube but I can’t find it for the life of me. Thanks in advance

Movie V

I am 53 years old and when I was about 7 I remember watching a movie
set during world war 2. British movie, 2 scenes I remember, a british
boy sitting in his bedroom making paper airplanes and one flies out
the window, his mother tells him he cannot go outside to get it. The
boy does go outside to collect his airplane, bombers fly over and drop
bombs, one of which lands on his house killing his mother, leaving
this kid on his own. I don’t think this movie is set in England, I
think it is set in either Egypt or Africa. This movie has plagued me
for years as I never saw the end of it and don’t know what happens to
the kid. Can you help? Do you know of this movie or have you seen it?

Movie VI

A soldier was killed in action during a firefight. While all the other solders of the platoon/unit were taking cover, one soldier ran out into the line of fire and, for a solid minute, searched the dead soldier. His comrades were yelling for him to come back and he wouldn’t. Finally, he found what he was looking for and took cover. Come to find out, he was trying to find the wedding ring of the fallen soldier to take back to his widow.  The movie I am looking for is an actual action/war movie. The movie is not centered around this premise. The scene described is a small part of the movie and not mentioned much (if at all) after the scene happens.

Movie VII

I have a request. My father, as a child, has seen a movie. And he can only remember a part of a plot. There was a wounded paratrooper (my father claims he was black) and a small boy. They become friends and the soldier makes a figurine or a doll made of chair leg.
My father was watching that movie in 60s in Poland.

I sure hope that we manage to find the one or the other of these movies.

Does any of these descriptions and snippets sound familiar?

17 thoughts on “Help Wanted – We are Looking for Some War Movies

  1. Novroz says:

    This is a helpful post Caroline.
    I hope someone can help you with the movies. I will twit it for you 🙂

  2. TBM says:

    Wow…I couldn’t help with any of them. I really hope others can think of the movies. I know how frustrating this is.

  3. Guy Savage says:

    These sorts of situations are odd because we often remember a fragment that can be just a minor aside in the film. One Russian orphanage film I can think of is The Italian, but it doesn’t fit the bill.

  4. the war movie buff says:

    I love this stuff, but I don’t know any of them right off hand. The problem is faulty memories. For instance, movie V almost positively had to be set in England during the Blitz and yet the asker insists it isn’t.

  5. the war movie buff says:

    As far as movie 1, if he watched it on Netflix he could go and look at his history and find the title.

  6. Tim hauser says:

    I have been looking for movie V as well. It was not set in WWII, it was set in the 60s(?) in the middle east/north Africa. It was a British boy who sets out on a search to find his Aunt after his apartment (and Mom) are destroyed by a bomb (dropped from a plane?). I recall seeing the movies in 65-67?

    • Thanks for the additional clarification.
      It seesm as if nobody had seen an yof these movies but I’ll repost this from time to time and will do some more research on the weekend.

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  8. DENNS says:


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