Help Needed – We Are Looking for a WWII War Movie With a Pacific Setting

As I wrote before (here and here) I often receive e-mails from people who look for movies. Luckily I find many of them but not all of them. This week I received an e-mail from someone looking for an “obscure WWII Pacific movie”. While I couldn’t find which one it is, I have a feeling, someone else will as for some reason the description sounds familiar and I think it’s a known movie.

Here’s the mail

I haven’t been able to find a movie that sounds like this one on any list of WWII movies.  At the time (admittedly,  I was still pre-teen at the time) it seemed like a very striking movie to me.  I don’t know, perhaps I would think it was terrible now but I’d like to find out.
I saw it, I would say, between 1960-1964, in a movie theater.  I don’t believe I ever heard of it since.  I don’t remember the title.
It’s an American film, in color.  My memory of it is that it was an American destroyer versus a Japanese sub and they’re locked in a struggle to the death.  I think the destroyer gets torpedoed.  Then it rams the sub.  I think that the two vessels are locked together after the ramming and they may even end up beached on some island in the South Pacific.  That’s all I can recall but it seemed very gripping to me at the time.

Does it ring a bell? Any idea? Couldn’t it be a John Wayne movie? It would be great if we would find it.

While hunting for the movie I found this website which looks interesting War of Our Fathers.

15 thoughts on “Help Needed – We Are Looking for a WWII War Movie With a Pacific Setting

  1. Guy Savage says:

    Caroline: Wikipedia has a page SUBMARINE FILMS which is considered a sub-genre of the War Film. It may not be complete, but your e-mailer may want to check it out.

  2. nem baj says:

    Sounds like the plot of The Enemy Below, except it’s a German sub…

  3. I have bad news. It’s not The Enemy Below. He watched it a while ago because he thought it could be it. The movie he saw was much more bloody and darker it seems.

  4. the war movie buff says:

    I knew it was too easy.

  5. nem baj says:

    The thing is, on imdb there are not many movies tagged with either ‘submarine’, ‘navy’ or ‘U.S. Navy’ and released beetween 1955 and 1965… and among these, only a few are in color, or feature a non-US submarine.

    Of course tagging on imdb can be loose, but considering these keywords have a number of aficionados, and it’s supposed to be a american movie…

    I suggest writing to the U.S. Naval Institute!

  6. eva says:

    Could it possibly be “Run Silent Run Deep?”

  7. llib says:

    How about Destroyer (1943 film)?
    Not that I have seen it but… google hit… I would say it might be worth trying although no idea where to get it…

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