WWII in Color – A Documentary

I just came across this documentary on YouTube and thought I must share this.

I hadn’t heard of it before and certainly wasn’t aware of such a lot of original footage in color. I only watched the beginning so far and can already tell it really gets to you so much more in color.

4 thoughts on “WWII in Color – A Documentary

  1. the war movie buff says:

    I think this series was on the History Channel back when it did some history. I personally am not too impressed with the color aspect. To me it just reminds me that a lot of people refuse to watch anything in black and white. I am not referring to you, of course. It’s a stunt, in my opinion.

    • I found it chilling. Maybe a stunt but it’s interesting nonetheless.

    • I disagree. Despite watching literally hundreds and hundreds of hours of newsreels, documentaries, various internet clips and thousands of images I find that colour really makes the images and video seem more….not realistic but more relatable to modern (and younger) viewers.

      It’s almost like a switch in your brain that flips as soon as you see images or video in black and white. It’s like its almost ‘not real’. Colour kinda ‘makes it real’ as that is how we see every day life.

      • I totally agree with you. When I started watching I was shocked and my reaction was much more intense. You can block out black and white. This has nothing to do with not appreciating blck and white movies. I really do but it’s an artistic appreciation.

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