Cinema Code of Conduct Meme

The Meme is hosted by CinemaScream.

Here’s what it says

As most of you will be aware, Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo are the hosts of the finest film show that the UK has to offer.  The former is a film critic who’s words have graced the pages of numerous newspapers and magazines, is a regular presence on the nation’s TV screens and has even been lampooned by Vizcomic and had his huge, flappy hands mocked on The Thick Of It.   Simon Mayo is perhaps one of Britain’s most recognisable and popular radio presenters.  Many of us spent our youth listening to him on BBC Radio 1 only to follow him to his afternoon slot on BBC Radio 5 Live and then to BBC Radio 2 where he currently presents the popular Drivetime show.  Mayo has also been slightly maligned on The Thick of It.  The two doctors present Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review; two hours of film discussion, interviews, reviews and the home of the occasional ‘Kermodian rant’ – wittertainment at its finest.

Over the past few weeks they have been inviting listeners to help them compile a code of conduct for watching films in the cinema, a list of rules that many of film bloggers would agree with, and have even had the decency to provide a poster…

The rules for the meme are simple

On 1 Dec 2010: post the ‘code of conduct’ poster on your blog under the title ‘Cinema Code of Conduct’ and, underneath that, post your own 11th rule.  Also include a link to the Kermode and Mayo’s Filmsite. (where you can find and download the poster).

Here goes rule No 11

No Emergencies

Please have your heart attacks, cardiac arrests, seizures, fits, panic attacks and cold turkeys elsewhere. We are too nice to let you die on your own and running to your immediate assistance would greatly disturb our movie enjoyment. You’re not fit for cinema? Stay home!

Here goes rule No. 12

No Themed Outfits

Do not abuse the topic of the movies you attend as  some sort of dress guide. We don’t want to see you disguised as a vampires, aliens, member of a bomb squad or the like. You are not at a fancy-dress party. Not even when watching The  Rocky Horror Picture Show.