My Favourite War Movie Character or The Ultimate Sacrifice

To determine who is your favourite war movie character is a very, very subjective thing. At least for me. No objectivity here. It is neither linked to the fact if I do consider the movie he´s in to be outstanding or average, it doesn´t say anything about the acting in itself, I really only think of the character. And, yeah well maybe it has something to do with the fact that the role is played by one of my favourite actors.

What I loved about this character is his goodness. In all the horror that surrounds him, he stays good. Nothing compromises him, nothing turns him into an inhuman being devoid of feelings or compassion. And in the end he doesn´t shy away from sacrificing himself. He is the ultimate war movie hero, hero through his sacrifice not through his killings.

And yes, I alluded to him in another post (Christ and the War Movie Hero). My favourite character is Sgt. Elias (Willem Dafoe) in Platoon. And yes, I´m sure it´s no coincidence that he was later chosen to play Jesus Christ in The Last Temptation of Christ. He´s been my favourite for many years now and I only wavered once, after having seen When Trumpets Fade where we see another sacrificial hero.

4 thoughts on “My Favourite War Movie Character or The Ultimate Sacrifice

  1. warmoviebuff says:

    Good choice. I think I would choose Sgt. Lipton from Band of Brothers. I love his quiet leadership and commitment to his men.

  2. eht% says:

    Overblown – -over wrought – -over done – – INTEL RUN
    Hollywood – – demoralization op.

    Every thing STONE treats is as good as stamped as
    some kind of programming and hoax–craft.

    EVERY – – thing !

    Those seeking Hollywood product that speaks to the state
    of RED CHINA transfer treason –gutted—
    USURY debauched POST America 2019 ? – – –

    – – Steve McQueen in Robert Wise’s 1966 ‘The Sand Pebbles’.

    In 2019, it’s prophetic in allegorical form.

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