My Top Ten Favourite War Movies

Yes, I had to name them sooner or later since many a person reading my blog was certainly wondering. Furthermore, if many people are like me, then many people like reading lists. Or making them. I must admit I do like making Top Ten Favourite Lists. Somehow ten seems never to be enough though that´s why we list makers stick to the cunningly shrewd device of splitting topics in subgenres. I could for example start naming my Top Ten Favourite WWII Movies or my Top Ten Favourite Civil War Movies. Yes, I could but I won’t do it.

This is a no-cheating-and-splitting-the-genre-down-to-the-tiniest-subgenre list. This is the real deal.

And here it comes , in random order, since I´m not grading these brilliant films, although I have a top favourite one.

Band of Brothers

Black Hawk Down



When Trumpets Fade


The Thin Red Line


Joyeux Noel

Hamburger Hill

War movies simply don´t get any better than these. Don´t you think?

Interestingly this list hasn´t changed much in the last few years. This means that since 2005, the year Joyeux Noel came out, there hasn´t been any movie that I would deem worthy to be added to this list. However ther are a few older ones I haven´t seen yet, amongst them The Battle of Algiers which might kick one or the other one out. That´s going to be hard, should that happen. The only thing I know for sure: it won´t be Black Hawk Down. Guess why? Yeah, it´s simply THE one.