My Top Ten Favourite War Movies

Yes, I had to name them sooner or later since many a person reading my blog was certainly wondering. Furthermore, if many people are like me, then many people like reading lists. Or making them. I must admit I do like making Top Ten Favourite Lists. Somehow ten seems never to be enough though that´s why we list makers stick to the cunningly shrewd device of splitting topics in subgenres. I could for example start naming my Top Ten Favourite WWII Movies or my Top Ten Favourite Civil War Movies. Yes, I could but I won’t do it.

This is a no-cheating-and-splitting-the-genre-down-to-the-tiniest-subgenre list. This is the real deal.

And here it comes , in random order, since I´m not grading these brilliant films, although I have a top favourite one.

Band of Brothers

Black Hawk Down



When Trumpets Fade


The Thin Red Line


Joyeux Noel

Hamburger Hill

War movies simply don´t get any better than these. Don´t you think?

Interestingly this list hasn´t changed much in the last few years. This means that since 2005, the year Joyeux Noel came out, there hasn´t been any movie that I would deem worthy to be added to this list. However ther are a few older ones I haven´t seen yet, amongst them The Battle of Algiers which might kick one or the other one out. That´s going to be hard, should that happen. The only thing I know for sure: it won´t be Black Hawk Down. Guess why? Yeah, it´s simply THE one.

9 thoughts on “My Top Ten Favourite War Movies

  1. Sean says:

    All modern movies, you should take in some older ones.

    • I certainly would take in older ones if one of them really was one of my favourite war movies. Since I haven´t seen them all there might still be the possibility that an older one will kick out one of the recent ones. We will see.

  2. Sean says:

    The classic black and whites, mood, atmosphere and the special lighting that bw provides. Have you tried Ice Cold in Alex? probably not.

  3. warmoviebuff says:

    Good list. Nothing to be ashamed of or have to defend. I’m on your side about black and white in general. However, there are some truly great ones like “The Longest Day” and “Paths of Glory”.

  4. Jeremy Ringtin says:

    I could argue all day over what is the best war movie but for my top movie list I am just now getting started and I do really believe that t is a good place to start looking for war pics. I have been doing it for 6 months now.

    • I deliberately call them “my favourite” as I don’t want to tell anyone : these are the best. It is my own personal list. The list may change over the years anyway. Thanks for sharing your link, I had a quick look. Interesting, yes.

  5. […] infantry combat movies on that list, that’s probably why there is only one of my Top 10 List (that you can see here) as I chose mainly combat movies. Still it is an interesting list and it puts me in the mood to […]

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