Do Women prefer The Pacific to Band of Brothers?

In an interview Dale Dye, a military advisor for many war  movies, was asked why The Pacific had many female viewers and here is his explanation for that fact.

“By telling a story that reflects the thousands of whirlwind wartime romances that happened during World War II. There’s this great desperation element—I might get killed in the next six weeks, we’ve got to get married now—and females really identify with that. They get it.” (Dale Dye in The Atlantic)

He also believes that the love story between the two soldiers John Basilone and Lena Riggi made women like it.

Aha? So it is only the romance that makes women appreciate The Pacific? Could it not be that it has more to do with the fact that there are simply more women in The Pacific than in Band of Brothers?And that there is a whole psychological dimension in The Pacific, with all its tales of post-traumatic stress, that might appeal to women?

I would love some comments. Do women like The Pacific? Do they prefer it to Band of  Brothers? Or did they even like both?


13 thoughts on “Do Women prefer The Pacific to Band of Brothers?

  1. warmoviebuff says:

    My wive agrees with Dye’s analysis. I watched both and think the reason most men prefer BOB could be the same reason most women prefer Pacific. If you take out the fact that Pacific has more female characters and some romance, BOB would actually seem to be more female-friendly. The characters are like a family and the progression is more linear. (Also, the actors are cuter) The combat is more “civilized” and there is no racist theme. I do not think there is any doubt that the producers of Pacific made a conscious effort to find a story that appealed more to women. I have no problem with this considering Pacific is based on true stories and the main romance does not end happily.

    • It’s a bit difficult for me to find out as not so may people have seen The Pacific over here. I know quite a few women who love Band of Brothers. I was hoping for comments from female readers… But you know how it is with comments in general…

  2. Charlie says:

    Hell no. Not a chance old chaps. i am a woman and so is my best mate. We are bothe world war two reenacters and we definately prefer Band of Brothers to The Pacific, no competition!!!! The Pacific is a good series and i enjoyed it but no chance that i like it more than Band of Brothers. Heigh Ho Silver!!!
    Miss Charlie xx

    • Thanks for your comment, Miss Charlie. I had my doubts, decidedly regarding the romance aspect but wasn’t sure. It’s such a cliché. I know a lot of men who will never watch war movies and like romances.
      It’s alos often said that women do not like war movies because there are not enough women in the movies.
      It’s a bit of an old school view.

  3. philip mason says:

    I Hate both series and i am a bloke. both are macho crappo bullshit.

  4. Britt Miscast says:

    I have not seen The Pacific yet, but I have seen Band of Brothers… I am a female that has a strange interest in war movies. I am well versed with the very old and the very new… If its a romantic, it has to be a romantic war movie. Not into any of those “chick flick” sorts.

    That aside, I am completely infatuated with Band of Brothers. I can identify with them, I guess… and for me, the story of holding together for a greater cause than themselves, makes for a very touching movie.

    • I agree with you. I must say, as good as The Pacific is in parts, I haven’t heard many people, men or women saying they actually preferred it to Band of Brothers.
      Band of Brothers lives from this feeling of belonging together, forming a tight-knit group.
      I belive it is a total cliché saying women prefer The Pacific because of the love stories. It may very well have been a publicity trick. The Pacific is far more gruesome, why would women prefer that as this is the major problem most have with war movies and not the absence of love stories.

  5. Ida Sahlberg says:

    I actually prefer Band of Brothers to the Pacific, even though I’m all for the cute love stories and get all giggly and warm inside (and even though James Badge Dale playing Robert Leckie is just plain YUMMY).
    What I love about BOB is all the real-life personal history going on. The interviews in the beginning with the real men and that everybody are based on real people. I feel much more connected that way and really get the feeling that all of it was real and has happened. BOB just have so much more history than the Pacific to me.

    • Thanks for your comment, Ida. There are men who prefer The Pacific and women who like BOB it seems. That just shows you how we can not generalize.
      While I thought The Pacific was quite good, it didn’t move me. Band of Brithers has a far more emotional dimension and, being a European, the history was slightly more interesting for me.

  6. Chris says:

    I am addicted to war movies and out Top 10 lists are almost identical. I liked both very much and at first was leading more towards “Band of Brothers” and had to watch “The Pacific” a second time for it to really sink in just how good it was. I think it does a good job showing just what our solders had to deal with in the pacific and the internal fight/struggle each solder had to endure to maintain their humanity. It also shows the the best and worst of our solders which I liked as it had a certain truth to it. The pacific was a much different war then the war in Europe and the two aren’t really an apple to apples comparison. Also i stubble getting over the fact the “Band of Brothers” makes it look like one little ragtag company in 101st Airborne division (Easy company) won the whole war for us in Europe which frustrates me. With that said though I really identified with the characters “Band of Brothers” more than the pacific other than Eugene Sledge. On a side note, the real “Eugene Sledge” wrote a book called “With the Old Breed” which is about his experience on Peleliu and Okinawa and is one of the stories “The Pacific” is based off of. the other is a book written by Robert Leckie’s character. It is by far the best most honest, realistic, don’t hold anything back, anti-war story I have ever read. I would recommend it to anyone with and interest in WWII. I also must say that my grandfather fought in the trenched of the Pacific and he just passed so I may be a little bias. BOTH ARE GREAT STORIES!!

    • Thank you so m uch for your comment. It’s always nice to “meet” someone who likes the same movies.
      I think you make some very valid points here. The Pacific may even be the more complex series and certainly needs a re-watching. I was a bit shocked about the “dark sides” which were shown as well but, you are right, it’s ceratinly realistic. The war the fought was a very different one and at the end of the day they never got the same recognition the troops who were in Europe received, although…I’m a European and I must say, there is not much gratitude for the outstanding help Europe received from the US during WWII. I thought for us Europeans Band of Brothers showed this very well. The characters overall were more likable in Band of Brothers but we also “spent” more time with them. Sure, one could get the impression the 101st airborne did it all.
      Thanks for mentioning Lecki’es book. I never thought of reading it but if it is that good I’m very interested. I’m sorry your gradnfather has passed. But how very lucky that he came back alive.

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