Michael Cimino speaks about The Deer Hunter (1979)

The Deer Hunter will always be one of the most fascinating Vietnam war movies. It´s not an easy movie and it is one of those you have to watch again to truly understand it. I wanted to write a review of it many times but was never satisfied with what I came up with. While waiting for the ultimate inspiration  I found this video post of an interview with the director of the film, Michael Cimino.  I found it quite interesting, especially since the interview is interwoven with bits of the film. Really well done.

Hope you will like it too.

3 thoughts on “Michael Cimino speaks about The Deer Hunter (1979)

  1. Joy Taylor says:

    what happened to the rest of the interview. It truly is one of the best with Michael. And I should know…we dated for a year and stayed friends for over 30 years. Where can I locate the entire interview. It is amazing…first time he has been so honest in an interview…please email me…thanks

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