WWI Movie Quotes Film Quiz 7

Today´s movie quotes quiz will lead us into the realm of  WWI movies.

The quote is followed by the solution underneath but first comes the random list for you. Anyone who wants a real challenge, skips this list!

Merry Christmas aka Joyeux Noel, The Lighthorsemen, The Blue Max All Quiet on the Western Front, Regeneration, Gallipoli, Flyboys


[wondering why Cassidy is offering a pistol] “What’s this for?”
“Plane catches fire you got three choices: You can burn with it all the way to the ground; You can jump several thousand feet; or you can take the quick and painless way out.”
[Handing gun to Beagle]
“Good luck, gentlemen.”

Solution 1

“Everyone to their posts!”
[a moment of indecision] “Every man to his post!”
[the Scottish soldiers get in position along the trench wall]
[Someone in the German trench stands up and walks into No Man’s Land]” No, stay here! What’re you doing? Come back!”
“Well, what the hell are you doing! Shoot the bloody Kraut!”
[the Scottish soldiers look at each other; they don’t fire]
“What are you waiting for? Shoot him, God damn it! Holidays are over!”
[the soldiers shoot in the air to warn the man in No Man’s Land, who begins to run toward the French trench]
“What the hell do you think you’re playing at? Shoot him!”
[Again the soldiers look at each other, shake their heads, and don’t fire]
“Shoot him!”
[Jonathan shoots the man, who falls midway between the French and German trenches]
“Stand down from your posts.”
[They do]
“Shame on you, Gordon. Shame on you.”
[Ponchel’s alarm clock rings in No Man’s Land. Gordon looks out to see Lieutenant Audebert running to help the man Jonathan shot – Ponchel in a German uniform]
“Be silly to die disguised as a German, eh?”
“What the devil were you doing?”
“I had a German help me. I saw my mother. We drank a coffee, just like before… You have a son.”
[Lieutenant Audebert can no longer keep from crying]
“His name is Henri.”
[Ponchel dies, and Lieutenant Audebert sobs even harder. Gordon and the Major look on from their trench, Gordon grave, the Major baffled]

Solution 2

“I find it interesting that you don’t stutter.”
“I find it even more interesting that you do.”

Solution 3

“Ah, the French certainly deserve to be punished for starting this war.”
“Everybody says it’s somebody else.”
“Well. how do they start a war?”
“Well, one country offends another.”
“How could one country offend another?”
“You mean there’s a mountain over in Germany gets mad at a field over in France?”
[Everyone laughs]
“Well, stupid, one people offends another.”
“Oh, well, if that’s it, I shouldn’t be here at all. I don’t feel offended.”
“It don’t apply to tramps like you.”
“Good. Then I could be goin’ home right away.”
“Ah, you just try it.”
“Yeah. You wanna get shot?”
“The kaiser and me…”
[the others laugh]
“Me and the kaiser felt just alike about this war. We didn’t either of us want any war, so I’m going home. He’s there already.”
“Somebody must have wanted it. Maybe it was the English. No, I don’t want to shoot any Englishman. I never saw one ’til I came up here. And I suppose most of them never saw a German ’til *they* came up here. No, I’m sure *they* weren’t asked about it.”
“Well, it must be doing somebody some good.”
Not me and the kaiser.”
“I think maybe the kaiser wanted a war.”
“You leave us out of this!”
“I don’t see that. The kaiser’s *got* everything he needs.”
“Well, he never had a war before. Every full-grown emperor needs one war to make him famous. Why, that’s history.”
“Yeah, generals, too. They need war.”

Solution 4

“Tell Major Barton that the attack must proceed.
“Sir, I don’t think you’ve got the picture. They are being cut down before they can get five yards.”
[hits the phone]
“Bloody line! Our marker flags were seen in the Turkish trenches. The attack must continue at all costs.”
“I repeat, the attack must proceed!”

Solution 5

“By the way, Stachel… there’s an impression around that… you care more about your unconfirmed kill than you do about Fabian’s death.”
[long pause]
“Perhaps it’s force of habit. In the trenches, we couldn’t even bury the dead; there were too many of them. I’ve never had the time… to discuss them over a glass of champagne.”

Solution 6

“Hey, Scotty, you’re not Scotch, are you?”
“Then, why do they call you Scotty?
[Scotty thinks]
“Cause I’m Irish.”

Solution 7


2 thoughts on “WWI Movie Quotes Film Quiz 7

  1. warmoviebuff says:

    Excellent quiz. Have to admit I did not do that well. Not much on WWI movies, yet. I’m going to have to learn how to do the solution thingy – that’s tight!

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