What if… A War Movie Related Distraction for Hot Summer Evenings

It’s hot and sultry outside and inside it isn’t much better. A little game might come in as a welcome distraction. I’ll ask a few questions which you may or may not answer. If you want to read my answers, you will find them after the questions.

1. What if all of the war movies would have to be destroyed but you could keep one, which one would you choose?

2. What if you could choose to make a war movie, which war would you choose for your film? 

3. What if you could replace one actor in a war movie, which actor in which movie would you replace?

4. What if you could wake up in a war movie, which one would you want to experience?

a) You can’t be harmed

b) You can be harmed

5. What if there would be no more new war movies, would you mind?

6. What if you could decide about a remake, which movie would you choose?

7. What if you could meet one war movie character in real life, who would you want to meet?

8. What if there was only one sub-genre of war movies, which one would you prefer?

9. What if you could have one book turned into a war movie, which one would you like to see on screen?

10. What if you could change one war movie, which one would you change and what would you change?

1. Black Hawk Down. There aren’t many better anti-war films out there and hardly any that will give you an idea of what combat might be like.

2. I really have a thing for the Napoleonic Wars and would probably make one of that period.

3. Nicolas Cage in Windtalkers. Maybe it would always be a shitty movie but it would certainly be much better without him.

4.a) Intimate Enemies but I don’t want to elaborate why.

4.b) Hope and Glory. I’m not romanticizing the Blitz but it’s a movie that has something very nostalgic.

5. No, I guess not. There are so many good movies out there and if there were no new ones, maybe it would mean that we do not have any wars anymore.

6. I’m not keen on remakes but if I really had to choose maybe The Longest Day as it would be a great opportunity for an all-star cast and a little bit of cutting would do it no harm.

7. Sgt. Elias (Platoon). Just love that character.

8. Infantry combat. It is the most harrowing.

9. One of the novels of Heinrich Böll, a post-war novel.

10. Yes, please, let me change We Were Soldiers. No more religious crap from the man with the double standard.